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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Group Music Class

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Group Music Class

Many people ask about starting a business, in particular, how to teach music.

In January, I met a girl who was building her business and I thought we’d cheer each other on as buddies, because my first rule to excelling in some area is finding a friend in the same space.

I shared my favourite tools and strategies with her. “Friends share their best stuff,” I thought. But every time I asked her opinion, she introduced me to her consulting service.

A few weeks ago, she emailed me:

Hey Grace,

I’m sorry but I can’t continue with our chats. I don’t have the time to check in every couple of weeks.

Best of luck with everything in your business.

How do people find best friends to grow with?

I don’t have a buddy but I’ve shaken the system up for building a business–here it is.

How to build a community of learners

All my businesses have been based on learning, with a community involved. This is no exception. I thought I’d be running design strategy consulting sessions all summer long, but it has grown beyond that.

Here’s the strategy I ran with this time:

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Looking for daily music motivation? Get it here.

Looking for music motivation? Get it here.

A buddy of mine is a Master at meditation.

I’ve never seen her do it, but I sensed dedication when she said, at the end of our design coaching session:

“I got more than I expected from you, but I wish we met somewhere suitable for meditation.”

When it comes to making important decisions, we all have ways to get in touch with our inner selves. Maybe it’s sprinting off at top speed. Playing Rachmaninoff on the piano. Popping a yoga video.

So let’s keep this simple: When in doubt, make music.

Maybe you can’t conjure a piano in a snap, but how creative can you get about making music? Tapping a beat on the table? Singing? Or maybe, making music means you’ll take 10 seconds to focus inside.

I designed a FREE matching background set for desktop and iPhone as daily motivation to stay happy, and stay free. Studies show that the more we see something, the more we believe it. So believe this– you are never truly stuck in one place.

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How to Build Your Support Team

Grace and Bloggers in Vancouver

There’s the idea that musicians– and creative people– are solitary creatures. We practice alone, perform alone, win alone.

But really, the best thing musicians can do for themselves is build a strong team of support.

You are the average of the five people around you. I suspect that if my friends in high school were more interested in music competition, then I would’ve studied less and practiced piano more.

Nonetheless, I’ve gotten a lot of help from my support team, which has grown into a network of mentors and friends who range from music teachers to CEOs– I couldn’t make it alone!

Recently, I went rafting and it was one of the most thrilling things I’ve done in a long time, but I also realized that it’s a great way to learn how to build a support team.

Here are a few lessons that musicians can learn from rafting, specifically about building a strong support team.
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3 Non-Sketchy Ways to Gain Students Using Your Music Website

3 Non-Sketchy Ways to Gain Students Using Your Music Website

A good website is powerful– it can attract students, 24/7.

Working with design clients, this question always catches me off-guard:

How did you learn all this… design?

“I learned it myself,” I say.

But I didn’t describe the thousands of hours sketching and nudging graphics and training my eye for design.

Since many Artiden readers are music teachers, here are 3 non-sketchy ways to gain students using your website.

There are many ways to do it, and this is about turning visitors into music students without being desperate or sketchy. It’s not a magical, but it’s part of a recipe.

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How Many Hours Should You Practice Everyday?

How Many Hours Should You Practice Everyday?

It might sound counter-intuitive, but I encourage people to practice less and then stop practicing– because it helps.

Maybe you’ve tried and gradually faded off practicing your music. Family, friends, things get in the way.

I spent 8 hours practicing the way to park a car perfectly (yes, you read that right– I don’t have a license yet), and fully realized something that many people, including myself, often miss when trying to master a skill.

When would focussing on quantity (not quality), help us improve more?

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7 Songs That Will Make You Feel Good

7 Songs That Will Make You Feel Good

We should find ways to colour our lives in positive tones.

You probably remember a friend who cannot stop whining about their “sucky” situation; don’t get me wrong– I catch myself whining once in a while– but it won’t do to get carried away.

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or spreading negative messages, don’t forget to take a deep pause.

Is this negativity necessary? Can we shape it into something more positive?

We all move through slower moments, but the point is that we move through, however we slowly chug along. I’m still learning to drive, and thankfully, improving each time.

Let’s try to get positive. Click here to get 7 songs that will make you feel good, using psychology principles. Some of these are nice, upbeat piano solos that will brighten your day.

How Practicing Music Can Get More Productive… by Talking to Your Mom

How Practicing Can Get More Productive... by Talking to Your Mom

Have you ever wanted to play great piece of music, but don’t seem to be able to start?

Wanted to apply for a job but keep hesitating?

Had a project that was too tedious to finish? Or even new equipment for your music studio that you’ve wanted to order?

What happened afterwards?

Sometimes, it’s insanely hard to do the best things in life, because we get the idea that there’s a perfect ‘time’ to start. What can we do about it?

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