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Please Don’t Start

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6 Summer Jazz Piano Songs

“Why are you wearing sandals?”

“I’m dressing for what I want the weather to be,” I say. “Not what it is.”

Megs and I inch our umbrellas closer to cross the street.

I’ve collected some lazy summer songs, inspired by a cabaret-style performance I recently attended. These are great for jamming with a friend (or sister, in my case) as there’s piano and vocal, and most are easy to learn.

Oh, I’ve been ready for summer, for weeks.

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9 Grand & Flowing Piano Pieces: Popular Favourites

Grand, flowing, and fast. There is something to be said about an intricate melody, where a person can bang on the piano.

When I shared my favourite piano solos, readers shared their beautiful favourites– here are some of the most popular piano solos from the community. Would you play any of these?

9 Grand & Flowing Piano Pieces: Community Favourites

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Finding Your Next Passion Project

Grace Miles

These days, I only think about attending church when in need of kindness.

Like, if I feel that I’ve let people down; but today, I’d rather hunt for Easter eggs.

Which brings us to passion projects. A passion project gives you a glimpse into how a person manifest interests, takes control in an area they believe in. (Only new mothers are allowed to have “my kid” as a passion project.)

Each musician should pursue a passion project. Here are a few ideas that I’m currently working on.

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How I Beat Stage Fright

How to Overcome Stage Fright for Pianists

While most people can play piano in their room, the magic of the stage can be too much to handle.

Ten minutes before my design event, my hands were shaking at the thought of people having woken up on a Saturday morning because of me. I’d printed cue cards (which I have never done, and will likely never do again).

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6 Light & Expressive Piano Pieces for The “Easy Days”

6 Light & Expressive Piano Pieces

If you’re like me, a state of busy-ness doesn’t keep you away from music. In fact, it might turn you towards music for slight refuge.

Today, I’d like to share some light and expressive piano pieces I’m itching to play this summer, plus my first composition in a long time (really, it’s more of a music sketch). Some of this might be considered “pop music.”

Happy listening! Feel free to share this collection with a friend.

P.S. Do you think I should compose more? If so, leave me a comment below – I might need some motivation. ;)


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If you’re having a bad day, read this.

Grace Miles

My piano teacher would pretend to barf when I botched a piece of music.

She’d say that Beethoven would rise from his grave to strangle me, her favourite question being all variations of, Why?

Why would you play the rhythm this way?

Why are you crying?

She was in her fifties and was to undergo surgery for those large, glaring eyes.

We’d clap sonata rhythm for half an hour and she’d say, “I don’t know anyone who needs to count this out loud.”

Gradually, I learned to take her marks on the score like the words of my mother– precisely, without deviation– and near the end of our relationship, she smiled, then asked my opinion on the conservatory’s new grand piano shipped from Texas.

We all have this piano teacher in our lives, but we each deal with her differently.

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