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Are You Serious About Piano?

"I'm a huge fan of Artiden."
-Chris Foley, RCM Senior Examiner

What to charge for (a bit of) your time

What to charge for a bit of your time

I’m not a coffee addict, but I learned some important insights about earning your worth, from a coffee shop. Namely, how much to charge for a bit of service.

My design teams met at one coffee shop (let’s call this Coffee Shop #1), so it’s my go-to. The baked goods are familiar and I think no one will make fun of my coffee ignorance.

They change their wifi password every few days, so you’re locked out until you buy a drink; also, you need a code to get into the washroom.

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What Every Musician Should Know About Performing Under Pressure

What Every Musician Should Know About Performing Under Pressure

Last summer, my sister had a vision of joining a hip hop dance crew and competing around the world.

We visited hip hop dance studios around town, eventually coming to a street dance studio. A sign behind the glass proclaimed a 30-minute wait, beyond that, worn carpeted stairs.

To give a little context, street dance is ultra-free, making up moves on the spot (in Step Up, the hip hop dancers versus the ballerinas).

When we were let into the smoky studio, the owner backed us into a sofa.

“Most people who’ve danced for years,” he said, “can’t actually dance.”

I observed the grey-white upholstery weaving of his couch, pondering.

Street dance is like jazz music, where spontaneous imperfections create the magic. Here’s how to perform better, to shine at all times, even during the mistakes.

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Figure Skating Music to Love & Play

Ah, the Olympics! I follow figure skating because I love the beauty of the skaters’ physical and psychological journey.

Skaters are learning even as they step on the Olympic ice; we never know if they’ll nail the jumps, but we’re coming along for the journey. Plus, who doesn’t like a mash of music, passion, and risk of death-slash-broken-bones?

Here’s some of the best ice skating music from the Olympics. I won’t lie, some of these music titles are delightful.

Clocks by Two Cellos

Sheet Music (for two cellos) / Listen

Skated by Peter Liebers


Nocturne in E flat by Chopin

Sheet Music / Listen

Skated by Mao Asada

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Why You are Important Today

Why You're Important: Inspiration

I’m writing this first thing after breakfast with strands of my hair still painted in purple Greek yogurt:

We act based on what we see in ourselves.

Maybe you’re nervous about performing piano or teaching your talent to others.

Ann Makosinski told me she used to speak quickly because “people didn’t care” what she had to say– this girl invented the body-heat powered flashlight.

People loved my series on packaging your skills into a business, but why?

Why are we afraid of what others think, of failing– and what can we do?

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The Right KPIs Make a Piano Career

The Right KPIs will Make or Break Your CareerI met a blogger for coffee and discovered my bubble!

The bubble is where you’re so different that no one can give good advice.

Like being the solo pianist amongst the orchestra’s strings.

When I get an email from Satya Khan, I’m reminded that her breath-taking moments are in a bubble as well. Except, her bubble has a clear system.

I’m in a blog bubble, but I still find exciting adventures because I learned to get ahead with KPIs when I was a piano student. I didn’t know this term (KPI) back then– you’ll see that it’s not complicated.

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