Who Are These People?

Maybe you’re wondering who these people on my blog are–here’s a bit about each of them.

Producing a Music Event in 2 MonthsMarinah (on the far left)

If you tell us a joke, we might have the same reaction, at the same time. We’re also in the same industry (tech) so we work together a lot. When her boyfriend can’t reach her, he calls me instead and I mess with him before passing the phone.

Here are some articles about Marinah:

When we met by chance at a coffeeshop and started screaming at each other

How I recruited her for my first big event

She watches while I eat snow (ok she also screams)


MegzMegz (on the far left)

She makes cake and drops it off at my house. I can’t tell if I love her or the cake more, or it’s like an issue we can’t separate anymore. Just kidding. Of course I love her. There wouldn’t be cake without Megz.

Another thing about Megz: she sanitizes the table at Starbucks before placing her laptop on it.

When something bad happens, she’s one of the first I’d call

She inspired this article about comparing yourself to other people

This is one of her favourite articles, I think. She quoted it back to me.



Math’s real name is Mathieu. Marinah and I have an accurate nickname for Math that I won’t say here. We live across the country from each other, but we’ll see each other again someday.

He showed me how to make a recording studio at home


What Travelling in Asia Does to You: Culture ShockEm

We met in Hong Kong, and she’s back in the UK now. I lured her into learning to swim by taking us to Malaysia, where every sport involves the ocean, and now I suspect she doggy paddles better than I do. I really like that picture I took of her in Malaysia.

Here are some articles about our adventures in Asia.

When our toilet wouldn’t flush in Malaysia, I was going to cry

How Em sent me to the Emergency Room in Hong Kong

In Malaysia, the tour guide told us to “visit the disco”


The Sister

I didn’t know whether to put her first or last, but I also don’t remember whether I asked if I could write about her on the blog. I don’t think she had a choice nonetheless.

She thinks I’m wild and irresponsible. She also thinks it’s ridiculous that I can produce an event at all.

Unrelated, but for the record, her boyfriend and I are homies.


These are people who help me on Artiden, because it’s a bigger project than I can handle alone.


She’s my editor. She never tells me I’m boring, but she cuts stuff from my writing. She didn’t edit this page, though. Amy is really funny on Facebook and I would read her statuses like a book if I could.


This guy makes cover images for me now. I take the photos and he makes them look nice and puts words on them. Dan is really sweet and always has a smile.


Matthew helps me compile music collections sometimes. He does things like acro-yoga in the park. Once, he sent me a bunch of links to poses to try, but I couldn’t convince my sister to let me stand on her.


Molly helps schedule and format articles and she’s great at keeping the blog organized. She also helps me compile music collections sometimes. She’s really sweet and she’s also a writer!