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Giveaway: Piano Books from Award-Winning Composers! Enter Now!

Piano Book Giveaway

Win 1 of 8 piano books from award-winning composers!

Red Leaf Piano Works and Artiden are teaming up to give away piano books to lucky Artiden readers!

Red Leaf showcases works from award-winning composers and piano teachers– don’t miss out!

How to Enter

Just leave a comment telling us which book you want to win! (Choose from the eight below.)

If you have more than one entry, please include the number of entries you have and how you got them, e.g. “I also tweeted this giveaway (@artiden).”

Enter up to 4 times!

  • Get 1 Extra Entry – Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, with the hashtag #redleafgiveaway and a link to this post. Important: We can’t track your entry without the hashtag.
  • Get 2 Extra Entries – ‘Like’ Artiden and Red Leaf Pianoworks on Facebook.

Winners will be drawn randomly on June 19th, 12:00pm PST.

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and US. Winners will be announced on Artiden and contacted via email.


Red Leaf sent me the eight books below, and I’m super excited to be sharing them with you! (I’m definitely impressed with all the Red Leaf composers– there is a wide range of style and music.) These are great prizes… and who doesn’t like freebies?

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us which book you want to win, and you might win it!

Piano Book Giveaway

Titanic (Rebekah Maxner)

  • An early 1900s-esque collection of pieces from and inspired by the Titanic.
  • I really like the range of emotion and style in these pieces; there are melancholic sighs to carefree waltzing to cute “jig-like” movements. There aren’t any outrageous surprises in the music as each piece starts and ends seamlessly; the style is authentic and fun to play! (Intermediate)

Colour Collection (Rebekah Maxner)

  • Short, fun pieces which express moods in colours. I find a type of freedom in these pieces; they aren’t bound by any conventional ‘rules’ of composing; there’s variation in rhythm, colour, and musicality, allowing the pianist practice a range of skills with these single-page pieces. (Intermediate)

Seascape (Teresa Richert)

  • These flowing phrases are reminiscent of the sea and bring you to a walk along Vancouver’s seawall. Seascape pieces are a couple pages in length and really explore the ‘twinkling’ depths of the piano.
  • There is a lot of pedal work and you’ll find that the melodies build up as you move along. (Advanced)

Piano Book Giveaway: Susan Griesdale
Piano Poems (Susan Griesdale)

  • These pieces express a range of emotions with a type of flow, from sweet and delicate to heartbroken and melancholic. There’s even a piece where you improvise the right hand.
  • These pieces are short and I find them quite relaxing to play; they’re lyrical and they express a type of feeling, like classic reflective poems. (Intermediate)

Piano Book Giveaway: Beverly Porter

Ladybug and Friends (Beverly Porter)

  • These are short and fun pieces featuring a range of different styles that describe different bugs. Every piece is enjoyable– who can resist bugs like “Shutter Bug” and “Fashion Bug” with blues and the hoedown?
  • There is a lot of variety in rhythm and music, so it’s hard to get bored and great to learn with. (Elementary)

Piano Book Giveaway: Martha Hill DuncanPrecipitations (Martha Hill Duncan)

  • All of the pieces feature a type of continuity that really engages its listeners, yet each piece is entirely unique. Most of these pieces have more than two voices, so it’s up to you to project the melody.
  • There are lots of recurring patterns and variations with contrasting moods, and are quite exciting to play. (Advanced)

Isla Vista Suite (Martha Hill Duncan)

  • These pieces have a lot of movement; there aren’t any long, sustained moments, but there’s an underlying element of calmness and serenity.
  • The melody travels between the voices which add to the overall effect, with the constant movement apparent throughout. (Advnaced; RCM gr 7 – 9)Piano Book Giveaway: Janet Gieck

Outside My Window (Janet Gieck)

  • A very clever collection of pieces that are harder to play than you might think at first.
  • Most of the pieces transform through stages as you move on; Outside My Window is very dynamic and there’s a lot of theme variation. For example, the piece might begin with a light single melody, change into a waltz, and finally end with a ‘splink!’ (Late Intermediate)

Note: Sample recordings are available on the Red Leaf website.

Good luck everyone!

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    Thank you to everyone who entered! The giveaway has ended. Stay tuned for the winners!

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    I would like the Seascape book.

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  • shirley zolenski says:

    I like Titanic

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    I like the Ladybug and Friends.
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  • Marissa says:

    I would choose piano poems

  • Elizabeth says:

    I would like Outside my window

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    Three entries.

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    I’ll try Colour Collection.

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    i would love to win ladybug and friends

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    I would like Isla Vista Suite

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    Four entries!

  • Buddy Garrett says:

    I like Artiden and Red Leaf Pianoworks on Facebook.

  • Buddy Garrett says:

    I would like to win Piano Poems (Susan Griesdale).

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    the Ladybug and Friends

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    I like the Ladybug and Friends.

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    ‘Like’ Artiden and Red Leaf Pianoworks on Facebook.
    christal couturier

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    I would like to win the Titanic one.

    I also liked the two facebook pages.

  • christal c says:

    ‘Like’ Artiden and Red Leaf Pianoworks on Facebook.
    christal couturier

  • christal c says:

    Ladybug and Friends is one I would choose

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    I would love the Piano poems

  • Cindy Latrace says:

    I would like to win the Ladybug and Friends…it looks fun.

    I like the 2 pages on FB so I have 3 entries.


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