Being a creative person isn’t easy. But I can help.

Get the Musician Life You Want

Most people focus on the wrong things.

And end up wasting their time with little improvement.

I’m here to help you do what you love, and use your talents to make a difference in the world.

I’m Grace, and I can help you develop your own brand of genuine creativity that shows the world what you’re really about.

We do it the smart way.

Creatives don’t have to starve.

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I’ve been through lots of frustration and downfalls, just like you– but I’ve tried tons of different ways to do things better, and I’ve got lots of great techniques that work.

I’ll show you smart ways to:

  • Build a business you love
  • Practice productively
  • Perform confidently
  • … and much more, with the fun of psychology.

Artiden is a lifestyle blog, and I’m a real person.

What People Are Saying…

“I’m a big fan of Artiden.”
–Chris Foley, RCM Senior Examiner

“Artiden is like my morning coffee. The smart advice gets me safely through insane days and the lifestyle makes me smile.”
— Nichole Amoura, Music Director

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Building Your Business

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About Grace Miles

Grace Miles

I’m from beautiful, rainy Vancouver. Sometimes I go out into the forest.

I’ve founded three creative businesses.

Now, I design things for people. I specialize in minimalism and functional design. That’s when designs look great and work amazingly.

For example, anyone can design a website, but a functional website will do something for you, like help you get more clients through your website. I pay attention to things like psychology, colour, and more.

It’s important to be happy, doing whatever you’re doing.

I’ve spent lots of time being sad, and I’ve decided that happy is the better choice.

That’s why I help people go for their dreams.

We are going to do big things together.

Thank YOU for being here.

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