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Use this Step-by-Step System to Get a Dream Job


Let’s be honest– getting a dream job is insanely hard.

Some people spend decades trying to land their dream job…

Others don’t even realize what their dream job is, until it’s almost too late.

Maybe you’ve imagined getting paid for a skill (like teaching music or coding), then stopped yourself by saying, “Aw, I can’t charge anyone for this.”

Or you’ve decided, “I’m not good enough to do this professionally.”

I’ve been there.

After I left my job teaching music in public schools, I was confused and excited because I wanted to teach art as a freelancer.

So I began testing techniques to attract paying clients on my blog.

After researching and testing many different strategies online, my waitlist grew longer than 6 months. I’d developed a system that kept bringing in new students and fans.

A year later, I became obsessed with design; I had a freelance design business on the side, but I wanted to work at a firm. I sent my resume to 5 companies and got 8 interviews.

I realized this: my dream job changes as I do. So the only thing I kept tweaking was the Blog to Dream Job system that got me hired, and moving up, whether I want to work for someone else or myself.

Teaching art, piano, design, are just a few examples– now I’m designing graphics and helping people build businesses.
I’ve tweaked and tested the system so it works.
In fact, this testing has taken more than 7 years because I’ve made so many mistakes– now I want to share the shortcuts with you. A dream job is defined by you, so it can change as you do.
Think about it: In 7 weeks, you’ll be 7 weeks older; wouldn’t you rather move up?

Why doesn’t anyone talk about using genuine blogs to land dream jobs?

Interviewing an ExpertIn the summer of 2012, after I interviewed some of the top music experts around the world, I started talking to a few of my regular readers. We chatted about bits and pieces (through email if we couldn’t physically meet), and eventually I asked what they wanted me to write about.

The answer? “Earning more money.” Getting paid to do what they love, working a dream job.

I sent the same question to a few hundred people on my email list from around the world– Canada, USA, UK, Australia– the results were the same. Earning more money.

Some people were fine with their jobs, others were stuck; nonetheless, everyone wanted to move up.

I looked into what was already available on the Internet, to try and recommend a good program. As I kept sifting, I found that most content was the typical ad program, spurring people to write a blog for 8 months and earn $0.92 from Adsense sponsorships. (This hit or miss takes so much time!) And it’s not what I practice nor preach– I serve zero ads on my own blog.

However, I kept getting questions like this:

“I don’t know what skills I have that people will pay for.”

“I can code websites and my friends say it’s ‘interesting’, but none of them would pay me for it and I have no idea how I can this to people outside of my social circle.”

“I’m a piano teacher and I want to continue teaching, but I can’t get enough students.”

“I feel like I’m lacking the skills or potential to move up in [my workplace] and also skills to eventually play keyboard somewhere.”

“I’m enjoy music and I have some skills, but how can I get paid for it?”

“I don’t have a PhD– how will I ever get hired to teach music?”

I began researching the area around earning money from a dream job; I’d developed a system, but how can I make the Blog to Dream Job system work for anyone else, who didn’t have design experience? Most importantly, what was stopping people from going for their dream jobs in the first place?

I interviewed hundreds of people online (through surveys) and in person (I tend to get curious about people anyways), and discovered a few recurring roadblocks that stopped people from going for their dream jobs.

5 Roadblocks to Earning More Money

Here are some of the most common roadblocks to getting a dream job, which I found after interviewing hundreds of people. See if you can spot a few of your own roadblocks below.

“I don’t know if I have the skills or potential.”

Right now, you might not have all the skills, but if you’re willing to try, then you have potential. You’ll get the skills as you go, by taking advantage of your potential. Use a system to get the opportunities that grow your skills– for even better opportunities.

“I probably can’t charge anyone for this.”

It’s all about positioning. As long as you believe that your skill is valuable, someone out there thinks the same way and needs your skill, so get it to them.

“I don’t want to put all this time into something… and risk my current position.”

Everything you do has a chance of risk attached to it. The difference is what you choose to get in return for this risk. In 5 years, would you rather be in the same place, wondering ‘what if,’ or would you have chosen differently?

“I have too much on my plate right now– including several projects that I’ve put on hold.”

Earning from a dream job is not a free meal. Why don’t you take care of your other projects first? Think about the time last month, when you were most productive, and got twice the amount of work done. How did you do it? What got you motivated?

“I don’t know where to start.”

Everyone makes their own path by trying and failing and learning from this experience. However, when you use a system, you’ll take advantage of the shortcuts built in.

I’ve developed a proven system that turns websites into conversion machines; I’ve done it for tons of people who’ve wanted to take control over their lives and businesses.

Choose to take control, or keep floating around.

5 Advantages of Blog to Dream Job

A blog can be your most powerful tool for getting a dream job. It stays with you for life and it’s the personal tool that helps you meet any goal.

I’ve created a step-by-step course which teaches you how to turn a blog into your dream job, that gives you the freedom to do what you enjoy. This system includes exclusive techniques that I use for my clients and business.

1. You don’t need to be perfect.

No one begins perfectly. But if you’re willing to try, then you have potential.

In the Blog to Dream Job program, I show you how to keep building your skills to move up. I take you by the hand and give you the tools– the shortcuts– to move from point A to point B.

So, let’s say this again: you don’t need to be perfect.

2. Use these life-long tools again and again.

When you use the tools in Blog to Dream Job to land your dream job right now, that’s great. But later on, maybe you’ll set your sights on another dream job– you can use the same system to get you there. So you’ll never again feel like you’re ‘stuck’ in a place you don’t enjoy.

I’ll teach you the techniques for working with people in smarter ways. (A simple analogy: when you’re hungry and your stomach rumbles, you’ll think of food– this will almost always be true.)

I’ll give you the tools, to take what you have right now, and build a blog. Then we’ll turn that into your dream job. Or even switch jobs, if that’s what you want.

Once you join the course, you’ll be able to re-watch these sessions as many times as you want, for the entire lifetime of the course. When I keep improving the course and adding new things, you won’t pay the new membership fee.

3. The technology isn’t hard or confusing.

Here’s the deal– Blog to Dream Job is a system for working with people more effectively. Blogging will be a tool in this system, so yes, there is technology involved, but I’ll show you the system step-by-step.

You don’t need fancy devices nor coding skills. If you have access to the Internet, then you’re good to go.

4. You don’t need other qualifications.

Almost anyone can get the job they want with what they have right now. In Blog to Dream Job, I don’t tell you to get a university degree and go into insane debt– we have a different system that works with what you already know.

I’ll show you how to think about your blog so you can focus on goals that matter.

5. You get a 100% happiness guarantee.

100% Happiness Guarantee

Please do what’s best for yourself, and know that you’re never truly ‘stuck’– I want you to make the right choices, that fit your life.

I’m confident that Blog to Dream Job will help many people reach their dream jobs, but some things are out of our control– family emergencies pop up, or the program just isn’t the right fit.

If you join Blog to Dream Job and you’re not completely happy with it…

I’ll give you all your money back. Just like that.

Send me an email with your completed homework (before the end of Week 3 of the course) and let me know you’re not satisfied. I’ll refund 100% of your money.

If it sounds like Blog to Dream Job will be a benefit for your life, give it a try– there’s nothing to lose, because you can get a full refund.

With that being said, I want to help you figure out whether Blog to Dream Job is right for you.

This ISN’T for you if:

  • You’re looking for some magic potion that gets results with zero effort– this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme
  • You have a negative attitude

This MAY BE for you if:

  • You have an idea of what you want to get paid for but you’re not sure if you have the skills or potential
  • You have a skill or product to offer (as in freelancing, e.g. piano teaching, coaching, coding, dog walking, designing, writing, etc.)
  • You want to work smarter to control your own business & life
  • You want to start a freelance business and attract dream clients

Whether you want to work 5 hours a week or 40, you are in control of how much to work and earn. When it comes down to it, you need a job to love but also a life to be proud of– and you want to save time and energy for things that matter.

Week-by-Week Overview

Week 1: Uncover your dream job

  • Eliminate the #1 biggest time-waster everyone faces when starting out
  • How to pick the right field, even if you think you don’t have enough skills
  • Why you need a job you’re not qualified for & pinpoint the position you’ll thrive in
  • Understand your personal strategy for moving up in the industry

Week 2: Dominate your sweet spot

  • How to become an expert in any topic
  • Snapshot your ideal audience to understand who will pay premium prices for you
  • Eavesdrop into employers’ heads to see what they really want
  • How to test your blog’s potential for $0

Week 3: Launch a top-tier blog

  • The formula for writing content that creates buzz in the industry
  • Types of content that get the best results– and when to use which
  • What to learn vs When to hire a pro
  • Learn the biggest blogging mistakes and how to avoid them with a framework

Week 4: Access your visitor’s ‘Hiring’ mindset

  • Little-known blog design hacks that double your influence
  • How to skyrocket the number of interviews, or leads, from your blog
  • Content framing strategies to get popular, instantly
  • 10+ free must-have plugins for your blog

Week 5: Get a raise, instantly

  • Learn the secret language to resumes and rewrite yours to level up
  • Increase your credibility by being prominent on the Internet
  • Convert a tiny network into a job
  • Get a raise by packaging your skills properly

Week 6: Win the hiring game

  • Scripts to sort who’s serious about hiring you vs dead-end leads, in minutes (not weeks)
  • Craft an elevator pitch that creates job openings, and learn the pitch to avoid
  • The Spot Check system for assessing your performance
  • Communication tactics that score job offers, and close sales

Week 7: Q&A Power Session

  • Ask me anything. We’ve been talking for weeks, so the questions will likely be interesting and inspiring.

… and more, such as:

  • How to charge premium prices… even 2x or 3x what everyone else charges
  • The Branding Blueprint for getting noticed by industry experts
  • How to build a network of mentors who look out for you in every area
  • Tactics for being irresistible to the right people (who will hire you)
  • The only questions you need to answer, to get hired
  • Emailing super busy people

Next Step: Ready to Enroll?

This live course starts on Thursday May 29th, 2014 at 4pm PST. It will run every Thursday at 4pm until Thursday July 10th, 2014. Once it runs, you can watch the sessions on-demand, and download all course materials.

Once you finish payment, you’ll hear from me through email within 24 hours.

Your Investment is $397

Carefully crafted sessions that take you from A to B, step-by-step shortcuts

Blog to Dream Job is a program where I take you by the hand and show you the shortcuts to a dream job.

Can you discover the content and strategies on your own? Yes. But it took me more than 7 years of constant research to put all this together.

In 7 weeks, you’ll be 7 weeks older. Think about where you’d like to be. Would you rather take the shortcut to getting paid for what you love, or stay in the same place, doing your own research and maybe even getting another university degree?

The Blog to Dream Job program works with where you’re at right now and skills that you already have.

Get this content for life

Once you sign up, you’ll get Blog to Dream Job access for the lifetime of the course. So you can use it to get your dream job now.

Maybe in a few years, your dream job changes– you can keep using Blog to Dream Job, to get there.

You can switch industries, if you want. You can save up for an exotic vacation, if you want. You can earn more doing what you love, if you want.

Take control of your time, to live a meaningful life.

Your Investment is $397

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Damir Radovic
Damir Radovic
6 years ago

I found myself in one of those roadblocks you talked about, well… A couple of them, to be honest. But I decided enough is enough, if staying up late-waking up early is the price to pay so one day I can achieve true happiness, so be it :)