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Looking for daily music motivation? Get it here.

Looking for music motivation? Get it here.

A buddy of mine is a Master at meditation.

I’ve never seen her do it, but I sensed dedication when she said, at the end of our design coaching session:

“I got more than I expected from you, but I wish we met somewhere suitable for meditation.”

When it comes to making important decisions, we all have ways to get in touch with our inner selves. Maybe it’s sprinting off at top speed. Playing Rachmaninoff on the piano. Popping a yoga video.

So let’s keep this simple: When in doubt, make music.

Maybe you can’t conjure a piano in a snap, but how creative can you get about making music? Tapping a beat on the table? Singing? Or maybe, making music means you’ll take 10 seconds to focus inside.

I designed a FREE matching background set for desktop and iPhone as daily motivation to stay happy, and stay free. Studies show that the more we see something, the more we believe it. So believe this– you are never truly stuck in one place.

Sometimes music is a metaphor, but don’t forget to stay free– your happy place is always open.

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