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Guide to Teaching Piano

Guide to Teaching Piano

I used to think that being a great teacher and building an amazing business was about time and effort.

I was stressed and had nothing left for other things that mattered– like family, health, and fun.

One day, I took a step back and began to restructure my business– changing my long-time routine was scary, but it came like a breath of fresh air.

I started working smarter, and my business kept growing. I read hundreds of psychology and business studies. I made time for my friends and family, people who mattered.

You’ve got what it takes, so what’s stopping you?

“I’m a huge fan of Artiden.”
– Chris Foley, RCM Senior Examiner

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Tammy Tanner
Tammy Tanner
7 years ago

Grace, I stumbled on your website because I was interested in learning more about muscle memory and how that helps with piano playing and yours was one of the links I clicked on. I’m an older “re-beginner”, meaning I took lessons on and off for about 10 years while in elementary and high school, that is, if and when there was a teacher available. Now, after raising 8 children of my own and being an empty nester, I’m trying to make some time for myself and perhaps discover if I can learn enough play for my own personal enjoyment or… Read more »

Sam Eze
Sam Eze
6 years ago

Pls can I get a copy of a beginners guide? I use to have one but I lost it. I contain almost all the keys, majors minors and 7ths. It contains diagrams n pictures on how to place ur fingers when playing all d keys. Please help