Tools to Help You Start Teaching

1. Keep a student record to save time.

Student Record

Click the image above, and pick “Download” to save your copy.

  • Tuition Rate – Saves time and ensures accuracy when calculating payments, especially if you have a pay scale for different levels.
  • Student Info – You can have the student write it in so your info is updated every semester. This info is essential for emergencies, etc.
  • Extra
  • Date – This can be used two ways:
    a) You can state actual date of each payment or
    b) You can state the current month (great if you charge by the semester).
  • Attendance – I like to write the date, but you can also tick off the boxes.
  • Notes

2. Write a fair studio policy so people don’t take advantage of you (it’s like a contract). Here’s an example of mine.

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7 years ago

Thanks so much for the practical student info record. Makes bookkeeping fast and easy!