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A Peek into Composing with Daniel Barkley

Peek into Composing with Daniel Barkley

I’m excited to introduce Daniel Barkley today!

Daniel is a pianist and composer from the UK; his pieces have been performed all over the world, from Portugal to the USA. He’ll be pursuing his MA in music composition at QUB.

Daniel shares his influences and creative habits for composing and he gives us a glimpse of his thoughts below.

Daniel’s Biggest Influence

As a composer, the things that influence me most directly are composers who came before (and their music), current composers (not as much, since composition is very specialised these days – everyone does their own thing), and inspiring art works from other disciplines, such as novels, films, paintings, etc.

As a pianist, something that inspires me to, for example, work harder, aim higher, practice more efficiently, is following sportspeople.

It was inspiring, a few weeks ago, to see Roger Federer win his 17th grand slam and return to world number one. Now he’s at the Olympics trying to win gold, after a break of only a few weeks.

This is a great example of motivation and desire to succeed, and can inspire anybody.

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