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How to Find Your Best Practice Style– and Love Practicing

How to Find Your Practice Style

How do you practice piano?

That is the golden question.

How do you get to a certain level, play a certain piece?

I talk about playing productively and practicing less to get more done— some people hate practicing and maybe it seems like I’m one of those.

I am and I’m not.

I’ve been through the tears and struggles of practicing wrong. Forcing myself to practice.

It is hard and stressful.

No one ever talks about this, just like no one ever talks about the number of times a gymnast falls off the vault before the Olympics, and what it feels like to risk smashing your own head to the ground in front of a million people.

I took several long breaks from piano because of this. Like the violinist Ji Hae Park, only without severe depression.

Sometimes it was a race against myself. “When will I accomplish this?” I’d think.

Here’s how to get through that.

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8 Creative Piano T Shirt Designs to Adore

When you put creative piano designs on simple and comfy garments, you’ve got genius works of art.

What better way can you express your love for piano and music? My own collection of graphic tees would definitely welcome these t shirts below.

Sources of these t shirt designs are available below.

Creative Piano T Shirt Designs

T shirt designs for guys and girls: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Guy fit only: 7 / Girl fit only: 8