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The Stage is Her Home: Performing with Robin Spielberg

The Stage is Her Home: Performing with Robin Spielberg

There’s no question that our past experiences shape our music.

And it’s often interesting how we each breathe life into our music differently.

Today, we’re featuring Robin Spielberg, a veteran of the stage.

Robin is an actress-turned-piano-performer, and I’m happy to welcome Robin as a guest to Artiden!

Performing is what Robin loves and does best; after all, Robin’s onstage career has been quite exciting so far (you can read Robin’s bio below).

So, I invited Robin to share her performance tips, and maybe divulge a couple theatre secrets…

“[M]y ability to… connect to audiences through both my playing and story-telling separates me.”

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A Pianist Who Inspires Passion: Joy Morin

A Pianist Who Inspires Passion: Joy Morin

Today, we’re featuring fabulous blogger and pianist Joy Morin!

Her passion for piano and teaching shines through in her writing and I’m excited to welcome Joy!

Joy runs a piano studio in Ohio and shares her teaching experience on her blog ColorInMyPiano.

Joy also holds a Master of Music degree in piano performance and pedagogy.

Below, Joy shares great tips for performing and teaching piano.

“…my ultimate goal for my students… is to be able to play beautifully and expressively…” — Joy Morin

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The ‘New’ Classical Music with Reuel Meditz

Despite the evidence that creativity in today’s popular music is dying, all is not lost. A new genre is emerging and it’s gaining popularity fast– it’s modclass, the “modernization of Classical music”.

The ‘New’ Classical Music with Reuel MeditzReuel Meditz, the creator of modclass, originally trained as a Classical pianist, has won numerous competitions both nationally and internationally.

Reuel’s compositions move beyond existing genres, into Modclass, and he doesn’t limit himself to existing ideas in music– Reuel’s a cool guy.

Modclass combines elements of Classical music to anything you can imagine, inviting a new type of creativity in sound.

Below, Reuel shares how he created the new genre with his creative habits, his biggest influences, and how he became the popular innovator he is today.

“I believe in the adage ‘you have to know the rules to consciously break or improve them.’

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Saying ‘Bye to Stage Fright with Dr. Noa Kageyama

Saying 'Bye to Stage Fright with Dr. Noa Kageyama

What scares you onstage?

How do you reach peak performance all the time?

It’s psychology.

When you apply psychology to music, you’re using both your mind and body effectively…

Which means: better results in less time and better performances.

I often write about applying psychology to music and holistic practicing because it drastically improves performance.

There’s no fluke or gimmick.

Performing is a (Fun) Sport

Performing Your Best Every Time You Step Onstage: Dr. Noa Kageyama

Today, we’re featuring Dr. Noa Kageyama, a sports performance psychologist currently on the faculty at Juilliard.

Noa’s also a violinist and a Julliard graduate.

I’m happy to introduce Noa as a guest to Artiden!

Noa has helped a lot of people step confidently onto the stage.

Sports and music have lots in common in terms of performance, so applying sports psychology specifically to music (exactly what Noa’s doing) is smart.

Below, Noa discusses his key practice principles, the biggest performance mistakes, and various techniques that improve practicing.

“[T]he sub-par moments we experience on stage could be prevented not simply with more practice, but with the right kind of preparation…”

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Performance Tips from a Young Pianist: Emilia Poma

How do some kids manage to perform flawlessly in front of crowds of strangers?

I happened to come across a young girl who seems to be quite comfortable at performing.

Emilia Poma is younger than today’s typical performer– she’s twelve, currently studying at music school Lilla Akademien in Stockholm.

Emilia’s had lots of experience onstage already, having performed with lots of different people all over the world.

Emilia’s performances reflect her bright personality and mindset. (Plus, her name is a cute ‘apple’, pomme, in French.)

Below, Emilia shares her prep routine and her tips on performing.

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Pianist from the Woodworks: Andrew Staupe

Pianist From the Woodworks: Andrew Staupe

Andrew Staupe is an American award-winning pianist; Andrew’s playing has been broadcast nationally and his concerts have met raving reviews. He’s performed all over the world– I’m excited to feature Andrew today!

Andrew doesn’t come from the ‘typical pianist’ background (read on to see why), but he’s making a name for himself anyways. Plus, Andrew shares tips on succeeding as a pianist.

What Quality Distinguishes Me

The biggest thing that separates me from other concert pianists is my unique background in the arts.

I started out in Classical Ballet, then moved on to musical theater in Minneapolis (Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theater), then delved into early music (I started my own choir, the Leoninus Ensemble), and picked up the violin at age 15.

I’m a pianist first and foremost, but it’s the variety of things I’ve done and want to do that separates me from most other concert pianists these days.

I also trained in Minnesota and Texas, and not in New York at Juilliard or Curtis in Philly… that’s another thing too. I guess you could say that I came out of the woodworks!

Andrew’s Practice Schedule

“[My schedule is] flexible and ever-changing.”

My practice schedule depends on what is coming up, and whether I have performed the pieces or not.

If I don’t have anything for a while, I’ll take the time to learn new music; this is my chief joy.

The process of memorizing doesn’t feel like work to me at all. However, woodshedding (aka repetition of tough passages, increasing the metronome up gradually) certainly DOES (feel like work).

The closer I am to a concert, the more I practice, from a few hours to all day, depending on the type of concert and where it is. But it’s flexible and ever-changing.

The Utmost Important Quality of Every Pianist

“It’s so competitive, there are so many letdowns, and there are so many struggles that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.”

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How This Devoted Musician Works: Julien Beurms

Julien Beurms is completely devoted to music– there’s no other way to put this.

And I’m super excited to have Julien here today!

He started piano at age 7 and has three masters degrees in music; now he’s attending grad school on full scholarship (New England Conservatory of Music).

Julien has performed in his hometown Belgium, France, and in the States; he’s a decorated man, and he deserves it.

What brings him all this success? Julien shares his tips below.

“This is something which makes performance and passion extremely exciting and beautiful.”

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