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If You Shared Music or Images Recently

You CAN Get Sued for Posting Art Online

We love sharing online. It’s our whole internet culture; share what you love… and don’t love.

There isn’t a big fuss about posting work that’s not your own– in fact, everyone seems to do it these days, from posting photos to arts to music.

Unfortunately, you can get into lots of trouble for posting content that isn’t your own, especially if you don’t know how the creator intends for the work to be used.

How? Let me give you a little background information.

Please note that this article does not constitute as legal advice.

The Story

Sites like Tumblr and Pinterest encourage you to post content and half the time you probably don’t know who owns the work.

The first time I came across my work featured on a blog, I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy with myself– it must be like hearing your own song on the radio for the first time.

Most people don’t bother with reading licenses, and this is where we go wrong.

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