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What My Broken Fridge Taught Me About Music Practice

What My Broken Fridge Taught Me About PianoI’m getting a new fridge because my old one started leaking.

What do my broken fridge and piano practice have in common? Let me explain.

We push the fridge out of the cabinet and I’m trying to disconnect the water line with a wrench. Am I supposed to twist the top or bottom part? I don’t know but I try both and neither work.

“Get me pliers!” I shout.

My sister hands me the needlenose pliers and for goodness’ sake even I know that’s not what needlenose pliers are for.

So I’m using a wrench to twist the nut–it fits around the nut but it won’t move at all, solid like if you tried to collapse a wall with your body.

Shit, I’m not strong enough.

I’ve seen my dad twist things and it looked so simple.

So I’m just standing around feeling bad about myself because the nut didn’t even wiggle a little.

Later, the handyman comes, and uses these large pliers that I’ve seen my dad use, to twist the nut. It comes loose in seconds.

Oh, I think to myself, I just needed the right pliers, not superhuman strength.

How many times have we been using a wrench to twist at problems when all we needed was the right pliers?

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Giveaway & Review: Music Studio App – Moosic Studio

Music Studio Management App Giveaway via Artiden

If you teach music, stick around because this one’s just for you!

I’m excited to tell you about a giveaway and review that’s happening right here!

I’m talking about Moosic Studio— it’s an app that helps you manage your music studio.

When Carlos, the creator, asked me to try the app– that replaces all my studio papers— I was intrigued… and I gave it the nod for trying it out because it looked high-quality (not to mention, fancy).

Here’s the story behind the app, as Carlos tells it…

I started creating Moosic Studio because my wife, Margaret, needed it– a solution that manages her business and keeps track of her students and lessons.

I found a couple of solutions out there, but most were clunky and confusing to use, and cost a few hundred dollars.

Since I have a background in mobile games and applications, I started to sketch out what we wanted in an app.

Working from the house, I was able to listen in on Margaret’s music lessons, and bounce ideas off her.

The hard part was funding the app. It took most of the year to save enough for development. It was done by a local developer in here Raleigh, NC; he really streamlined my designs into what you see today.

Let’s see if the app lives up to it, shall we?

If you want some free studio management, don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win your own!

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Awesome Giveaway + Review: SightReadingMastery

SightReadingMastery Giveaway and ReviewWho doesn’t love sight reading?

Let’s back up:

Who hasn’t struggled with sight reading– teaching or learning?

It’s one of the hardest skills…

But it’s also one of the most important.

That’s where SightReadingMastery comes in.

Today we have an awesome giveaway with SightReadingMastery, a site that wants to help you teach and learn sightreading.

Does it really do the job?

I was pleasantly surprised when Evan, a reader and music teacher from Texas, emailed me about SRM.

He says SRM was created because he wanted to make learning and teaching sightreading easier, and because it’s such an important skill that we struggle with.

Read on to find out if SRM really makes it easier for people to learn and teach sight reading… and enter the giveaway to win a LIFETIME account. (Worth $348/year)

This review is a completely honest account of SightReadingMastery.

Enter the Giveaway for LIFETIME Sight Reading

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Giveaway: Piano Books from Award-Winning Composers! Enter Now!

Piano Book Giveaway

Win 1 of 8 piano books from award-winning composers!

Red Leaf Piano Works and Artiden are teaming up to give away piano books to lucky Artiden readers!

Red Leaf showcases works from award-winning composers and piano teachers– don’t miss out!

How to Enter

Just leave a comment telling us which book you want to win! (Choose from the eight below.)

If you have more than one entry, please include the number of entries you have and how you got them, e.g. “I also tweeted this giveaway (@artiden).”

Enter up to 4 times!

  • Get 1 Extra Entry – Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, with the hashtag #redleafgiveaway and a link to this post. Important: We can’t track your entry without the hashtag.
  • Get 2 Extra Entries – ‘Like’ Artiden and Red Leaf Pianoworks on Facebook.

Winners will be drawn randomly on June 19th, 12:00pm PST.

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and US. Winners will be announced on Artiden and contacted via email.


Red Leaf sent me the eight books below, and I’m super excited to be sharing them with you! (I’m definitely impressed with all the Red Leaf composers– there is a wide range of style and music.) These are great prizes… and who doesn’t like freebies?

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us which book you want to win, and you might win it!

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