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Top 4 Easiest Ways to Start a Free Blog

Easiest Ways to Start a Free Blog

Blogs are extremely versatile and can be used for anything imaginable.

As a music student, you can record your practices, thoughts, and milestones.

As a piano teacher, you can share studio tips, activities, and photos.

As a pianist, you can log your travels, show off your pieces, and share compositions.

You can share your thoughts, upload music, and much more.

And, your blog can be as low maintenance as you like.

Many readers have asked about blogging, so here’s your chance to get started right now.

Blogging platforms today make it quick and easy for you to set up and start right away.

The blogging platforms below are selected based on user-friendliness, flexibility/versatility, and ability to customize/brand.

No downloads are required.

Plus, all of these are pianist-friendly and are free to use.

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12 Foolproof Ways to Meet Interesting Pianists Online

Meeting Interesting PianistsThe web is such an open place that you can meet any type of person online.

Whether you’re looking for a new friend, an engaging discussion, or a new client, there is a whole world of amazing, interesting people out there.

Heck, you might even meet your future business partner online.

There are certain things you can do and places you can visit, to deliberately meet interesting pianists online.

Without further ado, here are 12 foolproof ways to meet interesting pianists online.

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