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Terms of Use

By accessing and/or using Artiden site(s), services, products (which also refers to, with no limitation, features, articles, images), and/or content (which also refers to, without limitation, features, articles, images, videos, music, graphics, entertainment, films, clips, audio, and information) affiliated with the Artiden site itself, you agree to legally be bound by this Agreement, whether you are a Member (Member, as in “registered user”) of any of Artiden site(s), services, and/or products, or a Visitor (Visitor, as in “unregistered user”, an accesor of Artiden site(s), services, and/or products. The term “User” refers to registered and unregistered assessors (a “Visitor or a “Member”) of Artiden site(s), services, products, and/or content affiliated with the Artiden site itself. The term “Artiden” refers to Artiden site(s), staff members (which include but is not limited to: the editors, writers, bloggers, and programmers), services, products, and/or content affiliated with the Artiden site itself. Using and/or accessing Artiden indicates that you agree to follow this Agreement. If you do not agree, you have no right to access Artiden and you should leave immediately, discontinuing your use of Artiden.

Using Artiden

You must be 13 years of age or older to use Artiden. Artiden is for personal (non-commercial) use, unless otherwise stated. Illegal and/or unauthorized acts which include but is not limited to: providing false information during registration, whether done with purpose or not, collecting member information including usernames, addresses, emails, for commercial or non-commercial reasons, unless written permission is obtained from Users allowing you to gain their Information, you have no right to access and/or collect Member Information, and is strictly prohibited. User Submitted Content (“User Submitted Content”, as in “content contributed/submitted by a User” which includes, with no limitation to images, articles, statements, comments, and opinions) should not include but not limited to any affiliate links, inappropriate links and Content (Artiden has the final say on whatever is Inappropriate, which includes but not limited to adult websites, content which generates false trust in User and which benefits you or another party), commercial advertisements (unless otherwise stated), or any link/content that deceives the User. Appropriate legal action will be taken with or without notice in result, including but not limited to termination of Member account, temporary suspension of Member Account. Any part of Artiden may change at any time, whether discontinuation or termination, or any other kind of changes, including but not limited to starting account limitations, restrict access to Artiden (part or whole). Users may not access any off-limits part of Artiden (which includes but is not limited to the unauthorized permission at the back-end of Artiden) without a written permission from Artiden.

External Links and Third Party Links

Artiden includes third party links to external sites, to provide Users with up-to-date Content and resources. Artiden is not responsible, does not guarantee, does not endorse, and does not approve, any information, products, or content available at Artiden. A link does not indicate association with the third-party sites.

Artiden does not operate or have any control over any content, information, and products available at third-party sites, thus, Artiden is not responsible for any content, information, and products found and available at third-party sites. Artiden does not endorse, approve, or represent, the accuracy and reliability of any without limitation to information, content, products, and services found and available or available through these third party sites, including, without limitation, warranties of any kind, and liabilities of any kind.

Various parts of Artiden which contain User Submitted Content, which may include but is not limited to profiles, comment areas, discussion groups, discussion areas, group discussions, private messages, emails via Artiden, and image galleries, may contain external links, and Users acknowledge that Artiden has no control over the external links which includes, but is not limited to where they are displayed, when they are displayed, what content they contain, what the purpose of the link is, and if it is suitable for all audiences.
Users take their own risk and responsibility in external links, without limitation to whether inserting, clicking, or opening.

Use of Comments or Discussion Areas

In order to provide Users with more interactivity, Artiden contains comment sections and discussion areas (which will be referred to as the “Interactive” sections/areas). The following guidelines must be obeyed by Users posting and/or viewing comment sections and discussion areas (which will be referred to as “using”):

1. You have complete responsibility over your actions in the comment sections and discussion areas, thus you use the Interactive sections at your own risk. Artiden reserves the right, with no obligation, to supervise your disputes/disagreements with other Users.
2. Any action done under your username/name will be deemed as your action.
3. Abusive, racist, hate, threatening, offensive, sexually explicit, and Inappropriate materials are strictly prohibited. This includes, without limitation, personal verbal attacks.
4. Artiden does not offer any kind of guaranteed that content submitted by you will not be exploited by other Users, and reserves the right but with no obligation to supervise such actions.
5. Do not intentionally post misleading or false information.
6. Do not post links to third party sites irrelevant to topic of discussion.
7. Do not submit any material which violates any law or rights, which includes, without limitation, User privacy rights.
8. Do not post any material that is confidential, sensitive, or violates any law, regulation, or statement, which is not limited to any country, city, any specific place, or any place.
Artiden reserves the right to reject, modify, remove, reproduce, restrict, or terminate your account or access through all or any part of Artiden, if any of the Interactive section Terms of Use are violated, with or without notice, with any or without reason.

Artiden has no responsibility supervising Interactive sections for inappropriate Content. If at any time, Artiden chooses to supervise Interactive sections, Artiden has no obligation to remove any content, and no responsibility for the User submitting such content.
Users acknowledge that by using any of the Interactive sections to submit content to Artiden, Artiden is granted a royalty-free, world wide, non-exclusive, non-expirable, transferable right to exploit such content

Artiden has no responsibility for any User Submitted copyright infringed content, which may or may not be used to Artiden’s advantage. Artiden holds no liability for such content, and shall remain harmless if such content is used to Artiden’s advantage.

Artiden is protected by Canadian copyright laws. Users may not, without limitation, copy, redistribute, modify, publish, feature, perform, display, reproduce, or in any way reuse any material, Content, or information, in part or whole, for whatever reason.

Member Registration

In order to become a Member and gain access to certain parts of Artiden, users may be required to choose a unique Member ID and Password. Users may not:

1. Select or use a Member ID for the purpose or with intention of impersonating another person(s).
2. Select or use a Member ID which violates any User’s rights including, but not limited, to privacy, and opinion.

Artiden reserves the right to decline, cancel, edit, refuse, any registration and/or account. Users are responsible for their account Member ID and Password, which shall be kept confidential.

Member Account Termination

Artiden reserves the right to terminate any Member Account with or without any notice/prior notice, with or without any specific reason, which may then limit the User’s accessibility of Artiden. If any of the statements in this Agreement are violated and/or breached, Artiden has the right to terminate the Member’s account. There is no guarantee that Member Accounts which were wrongly terminated Member accounts (e.g. misunderstood for what the Member has done) will be reinstated.


Artiden is not be held responsible for the any content you find offensive, inappropriate, or discomforted in any manner on Artiden. Any User Submitted Content you are discomforted with should be reported immediately. There is no guarantee that the content will be removed/corrected as soon as possible or not at all.

Artiden is also not to be held responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect information/content contained or accessed through Artiden, whether by Users, or programming, or equipment, or inaccurate research done by Artiden, or various other reasons. Users use and access Artiden at their own risk, and acknowledge that Artiden has no control over, and is not responsible for any action done, which means Artiden has no duty to take action regarding: a) User Submitted Content, which includes, but is not limited to images, articles, statements, comments, and opinions, b) how Users interpret content and Artiden, c) the User’s outcomes from accessing Artiden and being exposed to content and Artiden, d) which Users access/use Artiden, e) what content is accessed on and/or via Artiden, f) the security of communication on Artiden, i.e. we cannot guarantee that Communication on Artiden (with no limitation, contacting, emailing via Artiden) is secure and fully foolproof.

By submitting Content (which automatically becomes “User Submitted Content”) to Artiden, you give Artiden full rights to exploit the Content, which includes, with no limitation, to reproduce, feature, display, and use commercially. Your privacy is respected, and your Identity (i.e. your actual information, not including your username) will be kept private.
Artiden takes no responsibility over any of the third-party advertisements which are placed throughout Artiden, nor the goods and/or services offered by the third-party advertisers. Artiden is not responsible for the actions done by any User, whether online or offline. Artiden has no responsibility over any error, delay, interruption, deletion, omission, failure in communication, infringement, theft, destruction, use with unauthorized permission, unauthorized access, or alteration, in any User or communication forms.

Artiden is not responsible for any problems or technical errors regarding the Internet, telephone network lines, communication lines, online systems, online bases, providers, servers, technical equipment (with no limitation, computer equipment), software or any kind, failures of any kind, with no limitation whether online or offline, including with no limitation, communication failure, whether due to traffic blockage or traffic congestion on the Internet or technical problems or use of Artiden, or any combination, with no limitation including any injury or damage or any loss to any Users or related users or person(s), or User’s computer or Internet access device related to or result from participating or downloading any activity or materials associated with Artiden.

All User Submitted Content on Artiden is copyrighted and belong to their rightful owners. When submitted to Artiden, Artiden gains the full rights to The Content. Artiden is not responsible for any User Submitted Content which contain copyright infringements. Users submit content at their own risk. ARTIDEN IS NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF ANY COPYRIGHT INFRINGED CONTENT IS USED for which includes, but is not limited to: be used commercially, for reproduction, for features, and display AND SHALL REMAIN HARMLESS HOWEVER THE OUTCOME.

Warranty and Liability

All Content, material and information provided on Artiden is provided, with no warranty or liability of any kind, whether stated or suggested, with no limitation. Artiden will, in no event, be liable for without limitation, any party for any special, accidental, intentional, indirect loss or damages due to the use of Artiden or any linked site, even if Artiden was advised of damages which may occur. Artiden will not be responsible for any loss or damages, including personal injuries or death, online or offline, with no limitation, due to the use of Artiden, attending event(s) by Artiden, the actions of Users, or Content posted throughout Artiden. There is no guarantee on any results from using the services and/or Content. REGARDLESS OF THE CONTRARY CONTAINED HEREIN, ARTIDEN’S LIABILITY TO YOU AS A USER, FOR ANY REASON, WHATEVER FORM OF ACTION DONE, WILL ALWAYS BE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT YOU PAID IN RETURN FOR SERVICES DURING THE TERMS OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP.


You agree to indemnify and hold Artiden and its affiliates, subsidiaries, staff, employees, agents, or any members affiliated in managing Artiden completely harmless from any charges, loss, liability, demand, without limitation to attorney fees/costs, by any third party due to violation or arising from violation of this Agreement and/or arising from a breach of this agreement and/or any breach of your representations and warranties set forth herein and/or if you post content on or through Artiden which causes Artiden to be liable to a party.


The Terms of Use may change at any time, which will be posted on this webpage and other places deemed as appropriate to notify Users of the changes. Users agree to be bound by those changes to this Agreement when you choose to use Artiden after its modifications. Please review this Agreement regularly to be updated to any changes.

Contact Information

Any questions or concerns regarding the violation or breaching of this Agreement should be directed to the Editor of Artiden. Please state your issue clearly so it can be solved as soon as possible.

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