The 4 Deadliest Practice Mistakes Ever

We like to think that sitting down at the piano is good. “Practicing is good.” We think. But it’s estimated that 93%+ of pianists don’t know how to practice piano properly. And about 70%+ of the time they spend at the piano is a waste of time. Why? Because they don’t know how to practice. What’s Wrong with “Traditional” Practice? Play, stumble, and repeat. For hours. Fingers, pull hair. It’s a waste of time. And it ruins your technique. It’s like running. You’ll be slow and awkward if you just move your legs. To be a fast, efficient runner, you need to shift your weight forward, move your eyes up, propel yourself with your pumping arms, and much more. Competitive runners have these instincts almost ingrained. It’s the same with playing piano– playing piano means doing much more than just moving your fingers. Most of the time, you forget about your other organs and focus just on your fingers. You’re built on a system; your brain churns, your heart pumps– your hidden organs aren’t working any less than your fingers. In fact, they’re hidden because they work harder and they’re most important– they need to be protected. And you need … Continue reading The 4 Deadliest Practice Mistakes Ever