Top 4 Easiest Ways to Start a Free Blog

Easiest Ways to Start a Free Blog

Blogs are extremely versatile and can be used for anything imaginable.

As a music student, you can record your practices, thoughts, and milestones.

As a piano teacher, you can share studio tips, activities, and photos.

As a pianist, you can log your travels, show off your pieces, and share compositions.

You can share your thoughts, upload music, and much more.

And, your blog can be as low maintenance as you like.

Many readers have asked about blogging, so here’s your chance to get started right now.

Blogging platforms today make it quick and easy for you to set up and start right away.

The blogging platforms below are selected based on user-friendliness, flexibility/versatility, and ability to customize/brand.

No downloads are required.

Plus, all of these are pianist-friendly and are free to use.

Quick Definitions

  • Domain Name (Domain): The address of a website; what you type into the address bar, e.g., To own a domain, you will need to register it. (Which you’ll need to pay for.)
  • Subdomain: A domain that’s really part of a larger domain, e.g., These are usually free and come with certain blogging platforms.
  • Web Hosting (Hosting): The service that puts your blog online.
  • Server: Where the blog is hosted. A hosting company will have many different servers.



WordPress is one of today’s most powerful blogging platforms.

  • Easy to set up and start blogging right away. Just sign up with your email.
  • Choose from tons of free and paid themes and plug-ins.
  • With different plug-ins, you can create much more than a simple blog.
  • If you’re hosted on WordPress’s server, you can’t customize the theme without paying.
  • Uses custom domains or WordPress subdomains (e.g.

Popular WordPress Blogs

(Note: Artiden runs on WordPress too!)



Tumblr is a lightweight blogging platform that’s extremely simple to use.

  • Quick and easy set up. Get going right after signing up.
  • Simple blogging system that’s ready to use right away, but not as flexible as other blogging platforms.
    • Abiltiy to ‘Reblog’ content from other blogs, so that content circulates from one blog to another.
    • Ability to ask questions and send fanmail to other bloggers.
  • Choose from tons of free and paid themes.
  • Your blog is hosted on Tumblr.
  • People you ‘follow’ will show up on your dashboard. Gain ‘followers’ to spread your content.
  • You’re allowed to start multiple blogs under one Tumblr account.
  • Uses custom domains or Tumblr subdomains (e.g.
  • Become part of a community of Tumblr Blogs (or Tumblelogs).

Popular Tumblr Blogs (Tumblelogs)



  • Easy set up with Google account.
  • Choose from tons of free and paid templates, or ‘design’ your own with the ‘template designer’.
  • Your blog is hosted by Blogger (Google).
  • Your allowed to start multiple blogs under one Google account.
  • Every blog comes with a toolbar at the top of every page for searching, navigating to the next blog, and blog-admin functions.
  • Use custom domains or subdomains (e.g.

Popular Blogger Blogs



  • Extremely quick and easy set up. No stress and no hassle.
  • Posterous, like Tumblr, is very lightweight.
  • Best known for email updating.
    • To sign up, just send your first post to This is how you can update your blog as well.
    • Do everything by email, whether you’re attaching files or tagging posts.
    • Your blog’s address will be or your own domain.
  • Lots of free and paid themes to choose from.
  • Become part of a community of Posterous blogs.

Popular Posterous Blogs

And a bonus…


  • Easy set up with lots of different options for the type of blog you want.
  • Build your blog by ‘dragging and dropping’ objects to adjust the template.
  • Tons of templates available to choose from.
  • Uses custom domains or Weebly subdomains (e.g.

Do you have a blog? Which blogging platform do you use? What do you like or dislike about it? Share your blog’s address in your comment below!

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10 years ago

WordPress has been my best option when I started my blog way back. thanks for sharing.