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How to Travel Asia as a Musician

What travelling in Asia will do for youI travelled Asia for 4 months and learned so much about myself, music, and the world.

I’ve been burned a few times. I went to the emergency room in Hong Kong, for example.

You’ll discover travel hacks (e.g. how to not be taken advantage of – super useful for females), musician tricks (I’m a pianist), and more.

So, I’ve created a little travel guide for my fellow travellers and musicians. Feel free to share this guide with a friend who might find this useful.

Here are my favourite travel hacks, stories, and tips.

  1. How to move across the world
    I’d never been to Asia; here’s my first impression of Hong Kong.
  2. Making smart weekend trips
    Hong Kong is the hub of Asia, so don’t forget to explore outside of the city.
  3. Curing culture shock
    Because I can almost guarantee that your first time in Asia will result in culture shock.
  4. Traveller’s guide to recording music
    My favourite recording hacks.
  5. Practicing music when you’re on the road
    Sneaky ways to practice music, so you don’t lose all music ability when you return home.
  6. Survive the ER and avoid traveller’s loneliness
    I went to the ER. Even the strongest people get lonely. Here’s how to avoid this.
  7. 4 staple pieces of music that travelling pianists should play
    The game changes when you’re travelling (and busy).
  8. Why Asia is the wrong place for me
    The ugly underbelly – is it right for you?
  9. Secrets about travelling Asia no one bothers to tell you
    Food. Poisoning. And more.
  10. Getting fit after travel
    The food and sights will throw off the most disciplined; here’s how to not turn into a hippo.
  11. If someone you love is sick
    I thought I’d come home and everything would be the same. I was wrong.
  12. The secret to getting lucky
    Racism. Feminism. How to break the rules when travelling.

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