12 Foolproof Ways to Meet Interesting Pianists Online

Meeting Interesting PianistsThe web is such an open place that you can meet any type of person online.

Whether you’re looking for a new friend, an engaging discussion, or a new client, there is a whole world of amazing, interesting people out there.

Heck, you might even meet your future business partner online.

There are certain things you can do and places you can visit, to deliberately meet interesting pianists online.

Without further ado, here are 12 foolproof ways to meet interesting pianists online.

Piano Groups


The beauty of Reddit is that there’s always something new. It’s a collection of piano-related links and discussions that the users vote on.

Anyone can access the links, but you need an account to upvote/downvote links, submit links, or leave comments.

Reddit Piano

We Bang Steinways

“You don’t belong here if you are not a fan or a student or a performer of the great classical piano repertoire composed by gods such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff…etc… We just won’t accept weak sauce like that [“Heart & Soul” or “Hot Cross Buns” or even “Fur Elise”] around here. We’ve all practiced WAY too many hours and sacrificed TOO much to deal with lowly… pianists! So if you are one of THOSE, don’t even think about joining us. Go make your own group and talk about “Hot Cross Buns” on your own board! Okay, that was a joke… sort of…”

(We Bang Steinways Description)

Definitely lots of interesting pianists. Mostly Classical pianists like to flock here. Share and discover music links, resources, and just connect with other pianists.

We Bang Steinways

Facebook ID required.

Piano Chat

This Yahoo! group started in 1999 and is still going strong. It’s mostly a student gathering but anyone is welcome to join.

There are tons of resources for members, but be sure to read the rules before you post any messages.

Piano Chat

Yahoo! ID required.


Find more groups by searching ‘piano’ and choosing groups or pages on Yahoo! and Facebook.

Piano Message Boards

Piano World

A popular piano forum with tons of topics– you’ll find a home here whether you’re a piano teacher, piano tuner, piano performer, or piano student.

Tons of friendly and interesting pianists on this forum; even get answers to any pressing questions that you have.

Piano World Forums

Piano Street

Another popular piano forum, but targeted towards Classical pianists with the traditional sense of piano education.

Lots of interesting discussions with a wide range of pianists all over the world.

Piano Street

UK Piano Page Piano Forum

These forums focus more on the piano itself than the different aspects of playing.

Piano Society

A fairly popular Classical piano message board.

Piano Blogs

Blogs are definitely great places to meet interesting pianists; there are tons of amazing piano bloggers out there, and here are just a few.


Leave a couple of comments to engage other readers as well as the blogger. Also, subscribe to bloggers you like to get regular updates.

Music Matters Blog

Natalie, the author of this popular blog, writes about everything music. She’s got links, resources, giveaways– the works. (Plus, the blog itself is super bright!)

Music Matters Blog

Collaborative Piano Blog

Chris writes about “the art of the piano in ensemble, various piano-related resources and events, the world of classical music, music education” in this dynamic blog.

Collaborative Piano Blog

Social Networking


By ‘following’ someone on Twitter, you’ll automatically get their updates on your dashboard.

  • To find interesting people on Twitter, just search for the type of person you want follow.
  • Clicking People will bring up everyone whose descriptions include your search term.


  • After that, you can follow the person or ‘mention’ the person in your own tweet to get the connection going.
  • You can also find people based on their tweets.

Because Twitter’s search algorithm is so specific, try searching variations of your term for more results.

For example, you might search ‘piano’, ‘pianist’, ‘piano player’, etc.

Linked In

If Facebook is where you connect with friends and family, then Linked In is where you connect with professionals in your industry.

  • This is the concept as the above; just search for the type of person you want to meet and sift through the results to contact those who interest you.
  • The screenshot below shows the different caps you can put on your search.

Linked In


The way that Pinterest is designed (people who post ‘good’ content become popular) means that it’s packed with high quality content.

  • On Pinterest, there are Boards (collections of images/links), Pins (the images/links themselves), and Pinners (people who post the images/links).
  • Pinterest lets you search through any of the above. (Screenshot below shows a search of blogs for teaching piano.)
  • Also, because Pinterest requires a Facebook/Twitter ID to register, the degree of genuineness in its users is increased. [Edit: This is no longer required.]


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10 years ago

i would like be in contact with other pianists ana piano structures

10 years ago

You need to take part in a contest for one of the most useful blogs online.

I will recommend this web site!

Carros Usados
10 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I used facebook to find my favorite pianist :)