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6 Positive Ways to Deal With Stress - Artiden

6 Positive Ways to Deal With Stress

These days, we’re so focused on getting more things done faster that stress seems to be everywhere.

Stress dramatically slows productivity and hurts your health; you’ll burn out if you let stress take over your life.

You might become overweight, depressed, nervous– the list goes on and on.

In short, you won’t be happy and you won’t be healthy if you’re stressed out.

So, stay healthy with these six ways to deal with stress positively.

Take a Walk

Aerobic exercise of any kind has the power to calm jangled nerves and improve bad moods. And when it’s done every day, it can enhance self-esteem and combat depression. Indeed, research has shown that a brisk 20- to 30-minute walk can have the same calming effect as a mild tranquilizer.

Wherever you are, move away from your workplace so that it’s out of sight.

The best thing about walks is that they’re free and they can be as long or as short as you like.

Free your mind of worry during your walk, and come back when you’re ready.


Studies conducted by Harvard and NASA reveal that naps can increase productivity by up to 34%.

Companies like Google and Proctor & Gamble have even installed power-nap pods for their employees.

So, here’s the excuse you need to take a nap– just don’t forget to set an alarm!

(If you fall asleep within the first ten minutes of closing your eyes, then you’re sleep deprived…)

Try Something New

Change something in your routine. Change your environment.

Even a slight change will affect your spirits.

If you usually work at your desk, why not try working at a different table? Or even working outside? How about at the coffee shop?

The library is also a great place to work.

Or, if you absolutely cannot stray from your desk, then why not reorganize your desk so that the light comes from a different direction?

If you’re stressed out at the piano, then why not find another piano to work at? Maybe visit a friend, or even move your piano to a different corner of the room (if possible).

Heck, you can even visit a piano store and work at the pianos on display.

It takes a few minutes make a change, but you’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

Drop Everything, Do Nothing

Wherever you are, unplug yourself, turn the screen off, and close the door. Even if you’re on the bus, find that quiet place within yourself.

Detach yourself.

Relax your muscles, especially your facial muscles.

Close your eyes and take five slow breaths.

Rest as long as you like, and return.


…even a little bit of exercise provides endorphins that elevate your mood.

Daily Muse

Get your heart pumping and push yourself a little. Challenge yourself so that your mind can focus on something else for a little while.

Plus, exercise will release endorphins that make you happy.

For example, I’m a big fan of yoga.

It’s the magic package– strength, flexibility, and relaxation, all in one. It doesn’t take much to get started– sign up for a few classes and go from there.

There are many styles of yoga (hatha, flow, power, etc.) and you might find that a few are more enjoyable than others.

I took weekly yoga classes a long time ago, but now I’m just too busy. I practice yoga at home now, and I might take a couple of drop-in classes once in a while.

Of course, there are tons of other amazing types of exercise out there.

Just find the type of exercise that works for you– you can even bike as your main mode of transport to get exercise.

Solve the Problem, Now

Find out why you’re stressed out, and solve it.

Stress is your innate response to internal and/or external conflict(s); so solve that problem to get rid of stress entirely.

Procrastination stresses you out– if you’re procrastinating, you’re just adding more worries into your mind.

Get things done and over with to put them out of your mind.

What are your favourite ways to deal with stress?

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Nyshia Cook
10 years ago

These are some great stress relief points that you have emphasized!!!