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64 Smashing Music Resources - Artiden

64 Smashing Music Resources for Musicians Like You

The web is a great place with treasures in little nooks and crannies.

To help everyone out, I’ve compiled a list of essential music resources, from writing music to starting your music business, full of goodies.

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Web Tools

Share, promote, and publicize with an online presence!

  1. Site Kreator
    A quick site creator.
  2. OnePage
    An online, interactive contact card.
  3. WordPress
    A popular, flexible, free blogging platform.
  4. Joomla
    A powerful CMS for large and small sites.

Business Tools

Resources for the business of music.

  1. Work
    Articles teach you how to get your own business going.
  2. Fax Zero
    Send free faxes within Canada and US.
  3. Universal Currency Converter
    A free currency converter.
  4. Zoho
    Free online office and business tools.
  5. Open Office
    Free office suite programs for download.
  6. PayPal
    Online payment platform for businesses and individuals.
  7. Moneybookers
    An online payment platform.
  8. Alertpay
    An online payment platform.
  9. Form Site
    A flexible form creator.
  10. Icebrrg
    Simple forms in minutes.
  11. Survey Monkey
    Create surveys, feedback forms, or even online RSVP forms.
  12. Kwik Surveys
    A quick and free survey maker.
  13. Mint US/Mint Canada
    Manage and view all your finances online for free.
  14. Siwapp
    Free (as in free speech) online invoicing software.
  15. CurdBee
    Free online billing software for small business and individuals.
  16. Invoice Bubble
    Free online invoice software supported by ads (upgradeable).

Advertising and Marketing

Advertise and market anything online.

  1. Review Me
    Bloggers review your site.
  2. Adwords
    Your text ad beside Google’s search results.
  3. Text Link Ads
    Have your text link displayed on other sites.
  4. Adbrite
    Have text and banner ads displayed on other sites.
  5. BuySellAds
    Have text and banner ads displayed on other sites.
  6. AdEngage
    Buy text and photo ads on other sites.


Protect yourself and your work.

  1. Creative Commons
    License anything you want– release your work with a license.
  2. Canadian Copyright
    Almost everything about the Canadian Copyright Act.
  3. US Copyright
    Copyright information for the US.

Music Notation

Find the right music notation program to jot down ideas or compose large pieces. (PS: The right program will save you hundreds of hours!)

  1. Note Flight
    “…create, view, print and hear music notation with professional quality, right in your web browser.”
  2. Wiki Composer
    “…browser-based music composition…” (Hear the notes as you place them.)
  3. Muse Score
    “…print beautifully engraved sheet music or save it as PDF or MIDI file” (Free Download)
  4. LilyPond
    “…brings the aesthetics of traditionally engraved music to computer printouts.” (Free Download)
  5. Finale Notepad
    “…transform musical ideas into beautifully printed music…” (Now a Free Download– thanks, Suz!)
  6. Sibelius
    “Experience your scores in stunning clarity with the exclusive, professional-quality sound library.” (Paid Download)
  7. Crescendo
    “…create, save and print your music compositions…” (Free Download)
  8. MagicScore
    “…[create] compositions of any complexity, including polyphonic ones.” (Free and Paid Download)
  9. Notation Software
    “…convert MIDI files to beautiful sheet music or play your instrument along with ‘the band’.” (Paid Download)
  10. Mozart Music Notation
    “…type in music notation… view it on the screen, hear it, edit it, and then print high quality music scores and individual parts…” (Free and Paid Download)
  11. Mup
    “…a text file that you can create using your favorite editor or the included Mupmate program…” (Free Download)
  12. G Sharp
    “…an interactive score editor giving a high-quality presentation on the screen as well as on paper output…” (Free Download)
  13. Fripp
    “Enter ‘music’ into cells of a spreadsheet. Play the score from one or more MIDI instruments.” (Free Download)
  14. Note Edit
    “…supports an unlimited number of staffs and up to 9 voices per staff…import and export…” (Free Download)
  15. Music Notation for MS Word
    “Embed sheet music into Microsoft Word documents quickly and easily!” (Free and Paid Download)
  16. Noteworthy Software
    “…create, record, edit, print and play back…” (Free and Paid Download)
  17. VexFlow/VexTab
    “…an engraving engine for music notation…” (Free Download)

Printable Manuscript Paper

Different types of free printable manuscript paper for piano, guitar, ensemble, and more.

  1. PDF Pad
    Custom sizes, clefs, and types.
  2. Blank Sheet Music
    Customize everything from time signature to the number of bars and orientation.
  3. Staff Paper Generator
    A quick and simple generator.
  4. Manuscript Paper
    A wide range of ready-made papers for print.

Music Composition

These music composition tools will inspire you and help spark your imagination!

  1. Otomata
    Generate your piece by clicking the squares’ directions and speeds, and changing the scale.
  2. Music Text Composition
    Turn your text into music; play and download.
  3. Jam Studio
    Choose chords, instruments, and style to create your piece.
  4. Wolfram Tones
    Generate new tones by choosing different styles.

Virtual Keyboards

Need a piano right now? Try a virtual keyboard with different features…

  1. Button Beats
    Switch between playing with your keyboard, mouse hover, or right click.
  2. Virtual Keyboard
    Play with mouse or computer keyboard, single or multiple keys.
  3. The Virtual Piano
    Specify key and it’ll give you the chords, from tonic to leading tone, of that key.
  4. Virtual Keyboard
    Play in chord mode or single notes. Choose from 6 drumbeats.


Other important resources that don’t fit anywhere else!

  1. RCM Examinations
    “Organises certificate programs in performance and theory for musicians throughout North America.”
  2. ABRSM
    “We provide a flexible range of exams and assessments that inspire and motivate music learners worldwide.”
  3. Piano Teachers Federation
    Find piano teachers and students close to you, for free.
  4. askCHARITY
    Free online contacts (charities) for media pros.
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12 years ago

Love what you are doing with the blog man!

11 years ago

GREAT resource! Notepad by Finale is now free.