Escaping from a traffic wreck is a (beautiful) mind game

Recovering from a traffic wreck is a mind game that has nothing to do with practice

Driving lessons is therapy for someone who’s sat in the front row of a major car accident.

But then, everyone struggles to recover from their own traffic wreck situation.

There’s a little voice perched beside my shoulder who ensures I don’t think too much:

“Keep the car moving and don’t overreact. Look at the world around you.” He never yells, but I know something is wrong when he stage-whispers, agitatedly. I know I’ve done it when he pretends his palm-sized notepad is the car, pencil wiggling wildly underneath to indicate the wheels’ direction.

Lately, I’ve grown bolder; I stop for fewer people, I cut a car coming towards me on a turn.

I thought, “I’m coming to terms with life. To celebrate, I should get the license by my next birthday.” But the exam was never booked, so I don’t even have a chance until June.

Why does this matter? It shows how most ideas never play out the way they’re planned, however simple or brilliant. I was going to ask a few friends to play birthday beach volleyball, but the weather is nowhere near ready yet.

Getting braver starts with trying to control the situation that brought you down in the first place. A three-letter word, try.

People who have trouble performing onstage sometimes email me because they’d messed up once. People who want to earn money from their dream jobs, something meaningful, also email me–they’re scared or they don’t know how to start. And yes, getting a dream job is a heavy subject.

The best piece of advice I learned from driving is:

“First look to where you want to go, then be brave enough to arrive.” (Click here to tweet this)

First, I want to hear from you. If you had an extra $1000, what would that additional income do for you? Would you go on a much-needed vacation with your family? Hire a Virtual Assistant you’ve been desperately needing? Buy the white baby grand piano you’ve had your eye on?

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