6 Piano Solos to Brighten Your Day

6 piano solos to brighten your day.

There’s so much fun music out there and I love when people send me good music. So, for a change, I asked my friend Molly to share 6 piano solos that brighten her day, and here’s what she says about them.

The sun may be shining and the summer months are quickly approaching, but sometimes we all need a little bit of extra day-brightening. Stress doesn’t take a summer vacation, and where I’m from, May means it’s still raining often.

Music can be a cure for a lot of things. More specifically, upbeat music. Empowering music.

Even if you’re already feeling good, these solo piano covers are worth checking out because they exude good vibes to put a smile on my face every single time!


Happy – Pharrell Williams

Sheet Music

What could make someone more happy than a piano solo that is literally titled ‘Happy’? 


Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Sheet Music


Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine

Sheet Music


Honey Pie – The Beatles

Sheet Music


Fireflies – Owl City

A good throwback.

Sheet Music


Single Ladies – Beyoncé

Sheet Music

This song isn’t just for the ladies.

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6 years ago

Your chords and solo are wow, so good. I love listening to them and try playing it too. More of God grace to you. Amen.