I upgraded from cardboard box decor

for the first few months moving to a new country sucked so I was always thinking of leaving. but then I was at a point where things were good here and so I was ok with staying but then I didn’t know what to do because i was unhappy with the apartment. at first i thought i was unhappy because i didn’t have a piano. but I started to think about what sucked about the apartment was that I was constantly losing things and everything was a mess.

so I wasn’t getting furniture and decor to make it aesthetically pleasing, but to improve my quality of life. then I figured out that improving the quality of life just improves the aesthetic of it anyways. I used to think I didn’t care about the cardboard boxes and all, but not having them has been great. and my mother was constantly telling me to not buy stuff, stop buying furniture, etc, so every time I would buy something i felt so guilty. but now I don’t really care what she says. we’re a lot less close now.

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4 years ago

Living in chaos leads to depression and anxiety. Glad you made your place more livable. Sue