Let’s Chat about Music! December Music Hangout

The hangout is back again! Let’s chat about music.

Dec 16 2018 Update: We talked about Music performance during this hangout! The actual hangout starts around 13:00 as I signed on early in case people got a blank screen when they came on.

  • Tips for giving a smooth music performance. What to do before, during, and after a performance. What happens when you run out of time for prep! And also, what happens when you mess up – 14:40
  • Closed Lid Technique / Mental Practice – 15:38
  • Christmas music playing! – 29:59
  • Christmas song
  • White Christmas
  • Rachmaninoff – Italian Polka (this is NOT Christmas but I played it for fun)
  • Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
  • Christmas Time

It’s a free, live online hangout with other musicians or enthusiasts in the Artiden community! It will happen on Sat Dec 15th 2018, at 11am PST.

You can send me music / non-music questions in advance by leaving a comment or email or sending me a message on Instagram. I would love to hear your questions about technique or learning new music! Other questions are welcome too.

During the hangout, I’ll answer some of these questions, share some of my music, then answer live community questions near the end.

Special thanks to Pan for being so cool and showing up to every hangout so far. Then becoming a moderator. What a champ!

Lastly, question for you: do you prefer the hangouts to be on Youtube, or Instagram, or some other place (like Facebook)?

I want to try doing the next hangout on Instagram because some people have told me that they don’t have a Youtube account. But the question is… who has Instagram then?

Leave me a comment below, or send me a message on instagram.

The next hangout is on Sat Dec 15th 2018, 11am PST.

You will need a Youtube / Google account to join the chat in the hangout, but anyone can watch the hangout as it happens.

The photo above was me from 2016, taken by Tracy Moromisato

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