On Living the Life You Want, Music’s Powers, and Yoga…

A Yoga Class for Musicians
Reap the benefits of yoga in this set of yoga videos designed espcially for musicians led by Mia Olson, a Professor of Woodwinds at Berklee College of Music.

The Healing Power of Music
Music is growing into a field of medicine– witness Gabrielle Giffords’s amazing recovery from a gunshot wound with music therapy. (Also see The Ultimate Guide to Playing Piano for amazing musical recovery stories.)

12 Pianists at 1 Piano: Albert Lavignac / Sischka Galop-Marche à 12
This entertaining routine is literally a dance with pianists, a great experience for the eyes and the ears.

Your Permission Slip
Sign it and be done with it, to live the life that you want and not anything else.

The Kinshasa Symphony
What do you do when you lose your job? Natalie shares the intriguing video of how one man, a former pilot, spreads the joy of music in poverty-stricken Congo…

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