Poll Results: How Long Have You Been Playing Piano?

How Long Have You Been Playing Piano?

I was slightly surprised at these results; 23% of readers have been playing piano for 30+ years while 3% of readers have been playing for up to 6 months. (Exact results)

  • It’s interesting how the length of time played is proportional to the number of readers who voted in that category.
  • Keeping in mind that we didn’t consider any long breaks, and that talent can be cultivated in some pianists in a very short amount of time, there were more experienced pianists than I expected.
  • Experienced pianists aren’t necessarily the best pianists because of the length of time they’ve been playing; time doesn’t determine the amount of skill you have.
  • As long as you practice correctly and efficiently, you’ll become a talented pianist– talent emerges with holistic practicing and a bit of time.

These results let me know more about you as a reader, so that I can tailor these posts to your interests.

Thank you to everyone, all 2638 voters, who participated– stay tuned for the next reader poll!

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