Favourite Moments of Spring/Summer

Before we welcome the fall season, let’s look at how the past few months were enjoyable, interesting, and most of all, worth anticipating.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Group Music ClassThe Ultimate Guide to Starting a Group Music ClassThe Ultimate Guide to Starting a Group Music Class

Starting the Design Lab course was one of my major experiments this summer.

I like that it was a difficult project, that sometimes I ignored my guts and slapped my forehead afterwards, that I was humbled and delighted to meet so many inspiring people who believed in what I was doing. The entire process from pitching to creating the course, was a learning experience. Here are the biggest lessons I learned.

What Every Musician Should Know About Performing Under Pressure

Performing under pressure isn’t the easiest task. Here are light-hearted ways to beat the jitters.

What to charge for a bit of your time

Business is such an important (and intriguing!) part of our world that it’ll serve you well if you know how the game works. It starts with the small, simple stuff.

Recovering from a traffic wreck is a mind game that has nothing to do with practice

Learning to drive is not easy for someone who’s been in a serious car accident. Still, let’s start the journey.

Teaching Music: How to be a Music Teacher

We explored how to be a superstar music teacher, especially after an influx of readers emailed me about not being able to do what they love because they don’t have the “necessary ” university degrees!

How to Be More Productive

If your to-do list is sporting a million tasks right now, this article might come in handy.

How Practicing Can Get More Productive... by Talking to Your Mom

Having a mentor is a powerful relationship. The process of writing this article convinced me to become pro-active about seeking mentors in my life. And you know what? Having mentors is awesome.

How Many Hours Should You Practice Everyday?

This is the first time I’m spelling out how many hours a musician (especially pianist) should practice every day. Of course, my favourite part of this article is the discussion afterwards (in the comments section)– why don’t you join in?

3 Non-Sketchy Ways to Gain Students Using Your Music Website

A small tweak can make a big difference, especially when it comes to design— and using a website to gain music students.

Looking for music motivation? Get it here.

We all have our down-days, but here’s some daily music motivation to keep you going.

How Musicians Can Give Better FeedbackHow Musicians Can Give Better Feedback

By chance, I learned a system that helps you communicate better– being on the shy side, I was surprised that getting on someone’s good side can be this simple.

Ann Makosinski and Grace Miles

Ann Makosinski, who invented the body-heat powered flashlight, inspires me a whole lot. I think you might like this video as well.

Grace Miles and Christopher Gaze at Bard on the Beach

The arts scene isn’t going down anytime soon! I went to a Shakespeare play for the first time in a few years, and here are a few quick tips to have a good time.

Grace Miles

I’m big on systems, especially when they make life better. This is a quick intro on building systems (which, is also quite fun!)

In the next few months, we’re going to explore ways to build more systems in our lives and do awesome things with them. I’m currently planning new content– is there something you need help with, in music or business? Let me know by leaving a comment below, and I’ll try to include it!

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9 years ago

What an interesting collection of links and thoughts.

I have Favorited the to do list one. my to do list seems never ending and recovering from illness is making it worse. I’m always looking for ways to improve so thank you!

9 years ago

This is an excellent collection of articles on some very useful topics! I really enjoyed the tips on public speaking, especially the pencil-in-the-mouth trick. I will definitely use that, since I have a tendency to mumble, like many Minnesotans. I also liked the tip on loosening up. I recently watched some videos from an online public speaking summit, and one of the tips was to bounce on an exercise ball for 20 minutes to loosen up and get grounded. And really bounce hard. The post on personality types as birds was interesting to me as well, having studied the enneagram… Read more »

9 years ago

Hey Grace, I do love your work you are so varied and it’s so good to witness – so firstly thank you for sharing :)

I particularly loved the public speaking part too – I saw that blog post a while ago and was so enthralled by it all. It’s so cool to hear from someone who has done it, and done it so well that I keep referring back to it for guidance. Love what you do and I always look forward to your posts. Thank you

9 years ago

I really love the presentation that Artiden does – please contact Alicia at MamaTreble, Sri Petaling, K.L – as she has a music school there and I think she should be interested in you and your service/product,
Thank you, Sarah Kneale (presently in Australia(