One True Arabesque Piano Duet from Undertale

One True Arabesque Piano Duet from Undertale

It’s the season of love! My friend Sydney and I wrote a piece about a robot falling in love, with a mix of Debussy. And I’m real excited about it!

We wrote this to combine the fun of video games with the timelessness of Classical music. It’s an intermediate piano duet, so it’s perfect for pianists who like both video games and Classical!

Arabesque was one of Debussy’s earlier works and you can already hear experimentation with wild, unrelated keys.

Undertale is a game where a child falls into the underworld and runs into monsters. Sydney plays the part of the robot in our duet and you will hear it above the Debussy arpeggios.

Sydney talks about piano, mental health, and video games on SmartGamePiano and her Youtube channel. She’s really talented. Go check out her channels!

This is what we think about teaching piano online. And here’s the last piece of music we mashed up!

One True Arabesque Piano Duet from Undertale

Get the free sheet music here!

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  • Reply Rosie February 17, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Nicely done! Pretty music.

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