Words to Move You

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

A big shoutout to everyone out there, all my subscribers, followers, and fans: you’re awesome.

I spend an average of one to two hours writing every blog post you see on Artiden, from the initial draft, to the photography, to the editing.

I appreciate all my readers, and I do read all your comments and emails.

I recently found out that Artiden has been featured on more than 2,000 blogs on Tumblr and beyond– I am both happy and thankful that my words make a difference in the world.

I welcome any questions you have; feel free to connect with me through Twitter or Facebook.

Remember: Dreams don’t work unless you do.


P.S. The Olympic athletes are out there living their dreams right now; in the spirit of the Olympics, we’re going to feature some special guests from around the world. Stay tuned!

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