Awesome + Uncommon Christmas Sheet Music

Awesome + Uncommon Christmas Sheet Music for Piano

Feel like there’s almost nothing new in Christmas music?

You’re wrong. ;)

If you’re looking for Christmas pieces that aren’t common, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve found these awesome pieces that are now on my to-order list. :D

They’re great for performances, recitals, and personal enjoyment.

If you’re ever perplexed over duplicate Christmas pieces for recitals, these are great alternatives.

The videos are embedded below with the sheet music.

Christmas Medleys by Phillip Keveren

The following is a great collection of Christmas medleys arranged from the classics. (Sheet Music / Amazon)

A Christmas Celebration

Sheet Music

Still, Still, Still / Deck the Halls

Sheet Music

Emmanuel by Mark Hayes

The following pieces is part of a collection of “artful piano solos” for Christmas. :) (Sheet Music)

Emmanuel Comes

Sheet Music

Christmas Carol from Anjou by Cesar Franck

Sheet Music

Joy to the World/Emmanuel by James Koerts

Sheet Music

Thanks, Joy, for sharing this arrangement!

Christmas Carols for Piano – Sally Deford

Sheet Music | Listen
These are a collection of Christmas carols arranged by Sally Deford. No videos, but I assure you they are decent. :)

Bonus: The Best in Piano Sheet Music

Christmas Sheet Music

Sheet Music

It’s a fun assortment of piano songs (with vocals and chords), with the classic Christmas carols.

I got this a few years ago and I’m happy with it.

There’s a good sightreading piece for almost everyone– the pieces range in difficulty.

If not, the melody lines are always fun to play. :)

Want some more Christmas sheet music? Here’s some jazzy Christmas piano solos.

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8 years ago

Your post is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! New Christmas arrangement recommendations for my students, where I could hear also some of the pieces in person! Thank you so much!