Figure Skating Music to Love & Play

Ah, the Olympics! I follow figure skating because I love the beauty of the skaters’ physical and psychological journey.

Skaters are learning even as they step on the Olympic ice; we never know if they’ll nail the jumps, but we’re coming along for the journey. Plus, who doesn’t like a mash of music, passion, and risk of death-slash-broken-bones?

Here’s some of the best ice skating music from the Olympics. I won’t lie, some of these music titles are delightful.

Clocks by Two Cellos

Sheet Music (for two cellos) / Listen

Skated by Peter Liebers


Nocturne in E flat by Chopin

Sheet Music / Listen

Skated by Mao Asada

Ave Maria by Schubert

Sheet Music

Skated by Carolina Kostner: She might as well be a ballerina on ice!


Sonatina for Violin in C Sharp Minor

Skated by Daisuke Takahashi


Exogenesis Symphony #3 by Muse

Sheet Music / Listen

Skated by Jeremy Abbott


Under the Moon, Happy, La Vie en Rose

Skated by Florent Amodio: What a cute costume.


Romeo and Juliet by Nino Rota

Sheet MusicListen

Skated by Yuzuru Hanyu


Elegie in E flat Minor by Rachmaninoff

Sheet Music / Listen

Skated by Patrick Chan: He is dancing in the beginning, I tell you. Dancing.

Here are more beautifully icy piano solos for the cooler days– my house is getting snowed on again.

What are your favourite Olympic events?

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