Piano Solos for Icy (Maybe Funky) Weather

Piano Solos for Cold Weather

We had a slight teensy little bit of snow.

The weather is always a topic of interest in Vancouver.

It’s socially acceptable to discuss the weather with close friends.

Here are modern piano solos that I’m infatuated with right now.

These piano solos remind me of interesting weather.

Cooler weather, to be exact. Perfect for some piano music in a warm place.

The videos are shown below with the sheet music. (Click here if you can’t see them.)

P.S. This photo was taken at 8pm with a phone– I don’t want you to mistake the natural light for some stinky filter. Just kidding, some photos can work with filters.. er… I don’t have Instagram so I wouldn’t know.

All of Me – Schmidt

This piece is bright. It feels like the sun is peeking out and reflecting on the snow, so now we have sparkling snow. Something good is happening here. That is all.

Sheet Music for All of Me

Staccato Beans – Tan Dun

This is a rainy-day type of piece, kind of cute and jumpy.

Sheet Music for Staccato Beans

Time – Hans Zimmer (Inception Movie)

I can’t get past the first 12 minutes of the movie, but this is pretty good. It feels like you’re whirled into a little storm.

Sheet Music for Time
(I also found someone’s free arrangement of Time in piano sheet music here, although I haven’t looked at how accurate it is.)

I See the Light – Alan Menkin (Tangled Movie)

This recording can do the arrangement more justice, but it’s a good one. It builds up nicely; the best part is, someone arranged it from the movie and now it’s free.

Sheet Music for I See the Light

Howl’s Moving Castle Theme

Kind of a mysterious waltz, slightly wistful. Like a dance on a cloudy day, almost leading onto something bigger.

Sheet Music for Howl’s Moving Castle Theme

Here are 16 beautiful contemporary piano solos.

What piece reminds you of your favourite weather? I’d love to hear it in your comment below.

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