Grace’s Best of 2014

Here is my best content from the past year, that had the most readers and that I enjoyed writing the most.

How to Start a Group Music Class

Teaching group classes means understanding that your influencers, the two people brave enough to set trends in a small group of people, will decide the fate of the class.

The key is to identify and appeal to these people early on, so that you can pitch and sell smoothly (which, coincidentally, I figured out how to do).

3 Non-Sketchy Ways to Gain Students Using Your Music Website

A few of my favourite writing and design tweaks that help you gain music students using a website. Some of these tweaks take a few seconds to fix.

How Long Should You Practice Everyday?

While there isn’t a straight-forward number, here is some of the psychology behind practicing the instrument to get the results you want.

What to Charge for (a Bit of) Your Time

How generous should you be, when running a business? I walked into two coffee shops, and learned the answer.

I like that the most successful articles were also my favourites to create. All of them also have to do with using creative strategy and psychology in daily life– I’ve discovered that some of my readers don’t play an instrument at all.

We are seeing a shift in the way the world works. You can start a legit business on the internet and you can get music students from a website. The geekiest industries are becoming cool. Thank goodness I taught myself how to code at age 8.

Exams are starting to weigh less in every field. Who needs an exam to tell you that you can play piano when your concert sells out?

In 2015, I hope to build a larger, more active creative community.

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See you real soon!


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