Why You are Important Today

Why You're Important: Inspiration

I’m writing this first thing after breakfast with strands of my hair still painted in purple Greek yogurt:

We act based on what we see in ourselves.

Maybe you’re nervous about performing piano or teaching your talent to others.

Ann Makosinski told me she used to speak quickly because “people didn’t care” what she had to say– this girl invented the body-heat powered flashlight.

People loved my series on packaging your skills into a business, but why?

Why are we afraid of what others think, of failing– and what can we do?

Those negative thoughts are ridiculous

You have potential. No one else is exactly the same as you, so use this potential to develop the talent for what you love. Instead of burying your quirks, play them up. Before I discovered that improvising was a valid skill in piano, I’d been trying to bury it.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t important in the past; no matter what negativity you meet, you are important now.

I challenge you to find value in what you do and make the best choices for yourself. Do what you think is worthy, because everyone will see the value in what you do when you see it.

Do what it takes to feel this worthiness.

Does it mean taking 2 minutes in the morning to put on a cool hat? Treating yourself to a cupcake after a long week?

Does it mean pursuing your music? Practicing piano for 30 minutes each day so you can play something when your friends come over?

Accept the rough patches but know that it’ll be alright because you’ll make it so.

Hello, metal music

I have a buddy who speaks in an even, sleepy voice. I’m debating mentioning his name because I haven’t asked him about being on the blog but he’s kind of a public figure, so kudos if you guess who.

When he shows me his indie metal band, I look up his Miley Cyrus cover that went viral.

“This isn’t what I normally listen to,” I say.

But it’s still awesome. I can’t fully appreciate the screaming, but there are people who love the darkness (his music is still rising on the iTunes topcharts) and I have to applaud him for pursuing what he loves.

He describes the weirdly surreal experience when people recognize him on the street, like when he’s on a family vacation in Seattle:

“It kind of makes me feel important.”

“You are important,” I say.

“Thank you.”

Maybe I’ll invite him on the blog– do you like metal?

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9 years ago

“You are important.” Yes that’s so important. – You are more important than any job. – You are more important than any project. – You are more important… You just need to feel one thing: your limit. Once you go over your limit, you maybe think, “just one more sheet to read. I get this now.” But your body is saying to you, that there is not enough energy. You have to feel what it’s good for you. Once you respect your limits, your body will be so thankful, giving you a great sense of trust. I am on my… Read more »