Four Uplifting, Inspiring Places Online

Let’s kick off the new season with happiness and positivity!

If these four places change your day even a tiny bit, even if you forget about your worries for only 5 minutes today, then my goal has been achieved.

Four Uplifting, Inspiring Places Online

1 – Gives Me Hope

“Inspiring Twitter-length stories.” What more can I say? It really gives you hope that there’s more to the world than what meets the eye.

2 – Music Educators

A “think tank” for music educators, where anyone can contribute. It’s interesting to see different perspectives from music educators around the world!

3 – Books of Adam

Books of Adam is my favourite webcomic. Ever. Funny stories with clever prose and awesome drawings.

4 – Pinterest

There’s always something great on Pinterest! I pin piano & teaching resources, design inspiration, and effortless style. (Of course, I’m careful about pinning because I don’t want to be sued…)

Bonus – A Beautiful Mess

These sisters inspire me with their beautiful messes. I’m not into the vintage style, but their positivity with their beautiful photos are infectious– daily boost! I love how they smile in their photoshoots, ignoring fashion’s silent ‘no smiling’ rule.

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