6 Light & Expressive Piano Pieces for The “Easy Days”

6 Light & Expressive Piano Pieces

If you’re like me, a state of busy-ness doesn’t keep you away from music. In fact, it might turn you towards music for slight refuge.

Today, I’d like to share some light and expressive piano pieces I’m itching to play this summer, plus my first composition in a long time (really, it’s more of a music sketch). Some of this might be considered “pop music.”

Happy listening! Feel free to share this collection with a friend.

P.S. Do you think I should compose more? If so, leave me a comment below – I might need some motivation. ;)


Rather Be by Clean Bandit

Sheet Music (Different from playing below)

Can I say that I love this guy? Last summer, I peeked through the window to jazz dancers, dancing to their own version of this song yet moving in sync. This piano version of the music captures the light and fun of the song.


Take Me to Church by Hozier

When I first heard Ellie Goulding’s cover of the piece, I had it on repeat all day.


Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

The lyrics are so sweet:

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way
I know you will still love me the same

‘Cause honey your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen


Payphone by Maroon 5

Sheet Music (Different version from below)

The pianist below has to tune their piano or never play high notes again, but I like this interpretation overall. I’d like to turn my two-line version of this piece into five lines, soon.


All of Me by John Legend


Italian Polka by Rachmaninoff (Piano Solo)

Sheet Music

I need to dust this one off. I have a different version of the score, but I can’t remember exactly what’s different about it. This has more dissonance, I think, and the listener would never mistake this for four hands.


Strawberry Field, Sketch by Grace

Music composed in my free time is mostly short, and unfinished, as I spend too much time trying to fit notes into the time signature.

Last month, I tried something new: I stopped caring.

Flipping through the unfinished, two-line compositions, I realized that each piece reflected how I felt better than a person can write in a diary. No one will see that sheet music except myself, so why don’t I stop focussing on how the beats fit together?

What are you itching to play? Leave a comment below! (Plus, let me know if you think I should share more of my compositions/music sketches.)

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8 years ago

Grace, did you arrange the Take Me to Church you are playing? It’s beautiful!

8 years ago

Hi Grace! I love your collection above also, especially the John Legend and Hozier pieces. I am just getting started with “pop” music after having played classical for years. Wondering if you have suggestions on where to find sheet music for these types of pieces? Thanks so much and keep blogging!! :)

7 years ago

Hey! I’m just wondering if you can arrange a nice and awesome version of Hold Back The River by James Bay. You should also share more of your compositions. I’m sure they are very inspiring to many people not just in the Internet but also out there. Keep it up!!!

7 years ago

I would love to be able to play the theme song from the tv show “Cheers”
“Where everybody knows my name”. Is there sheet music for
an easy version of it? I am a beginner in my 50’s.

7 years ago

Very interested in your music, Grace!