Want a Creative Marketing Makeover While You Relax?

Win a Professional Makeover: New Logo, Business Card Designs, & More...

Feel like there’s so much to do with so little time?

Want to look professional without spending tons of time and effort?

Read on and you can win something that’ll help you out tons.

I’ll Makeover Your Designs… Interested?

Instead of asking for a million presents, I’d like to thank y’all for supporting me and being part of my world…

I want to give you a professional makeover! (I’m not touching your hair– I’m talking professional.)

The Professional Makeover includes:

  • A professional, custom-designed logo that suits you (and your vibe)
  • A new post card design featuring you and your studio
  • A new business card design
  • A shoutout to the Artiden community
  • Short feature about you or your studio on Facebook community

Total value: approx $1,118

To the Lucky Winner…

The entire makeover will be custom designed just for you– it’ll reflect you and your vibe…

So that people will want to get in touch with you– you’ll look so dang cool with your new logo.

Your new logo will make (almost) anything look professional in 3 seconds flat. (e.g. concert/recital programs, bio sheets, website, anything.)

The makeover will also help you get new clients– professional post cards, business cards, plus shoutouts and features– you’ll be set. ;)

Your friends might get jealous. Just saying.

All you have to do is sit back and relax.

The designs will be ready to print while you’re off relaxing. You’ll get the full package, ready to send to the printers.

I’ve decided to open this up to everyone– you’re welcome to enter even if you’re not a musician.

So how do you enter?

Ask me a question below. Anything that’s got you thinking.

>> To Enter: Go to the entry form below, enter your name/email or Facebook login and click “Ask Me Anything”.

For example, any music, business, teaching question you’ve got. Or even some little thing that you’ve been working on. :)

It’ll be added to Artiden’s Ask bank. (Which means I’ll answer it!)

Bonus Entries

The winner will be randomly chosen on May 16th 2013 (12am PST), and will have 7 days to respond.

Good luck!

The entry form might take a few seconds to load; click here if nothing shows up.

this is the giveaway form

>> For bonus entries, please make sure you click “Like” or “Follow” in the button that shows up. The bonus for subscribers only counts if you’ve subscribed already— I won’t add you manually for privacy reasons.

>> I totally respect your privacy. Your info is safe with me, no spam/junk, 100% real content.

P.S. It’s my birthday this week! But who says you have to grow up?

I still love designing creative, interesting pieces that work, as in: look great, be more popular, and get more clients…

Congratulations, Holly Sahmel (#6)! You’ll be getting a sweet little email from me real soon.

The giveaway has ended, but feel free to ask your questions below.

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Irwin Jiang
10 years ago

What really is music?

Colin Frotten
Colin Frotten
10 years ago

What’s your favourite part about teaching music?

10 years ago

What’s your approach to senior citizen/elderly students who are using their lessons as therapy as opposed to learning?