Let’s Chat About Music! Artiden’s November Hangout

Nov 17th 2018 Update: Thanks to everyone who joined in. Please use the timestamps below to skip ahead. I started the streaming early so that people who joined in didn’t have to refresh.


This is the Hanon book I use to train my fingers.

Here’s the Christmas music I was playing by Carsten Gerlitz. Here are other Christmas pieces I’m obsessed with this month!

A lot of people found last month’s community hang out useful and/or interesting so we’re trying it again this month. For half an hour, I will be hosting a get-to-know-me/ piano Q&A/ jam session.

I’m planning on putting together a list of said Q’s from everyone, so if you have any, ask away! Or better yet, get in touch beforehand so your questions get first dibs!

Leave a question as a comment below, or follow me on social media and message me. Oh and if you have instagram or twitter, give us a shout under #artidenhangout! I’ll check everything right before we go live :)

Here’s my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

After the Q&A is the proposed jam session, and I’ll be addressing live audience requests then. (Thanks for hangout format idea, Rosie! Much appreciated.)

The next hangout will be on Saturday Nov 17th at 11am PST. Here’s a handy timezone converter.

If you’re a morning person too, come join me. Looking forward to meeting all of you once more, and a big welcome to all the newcomers! :D

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4 years ago

Grace, I’ve browsed your website and see that music isn’t your only life. Your genius shows in other areas as well. Would you mind briefly telling the story of your interest and involvement in music? How did you get to where you are today? You have a fascinating diversity of skills and interests.

John Porter
John Porter
4 years ago

In the hangout video you mentioned online teaching. you should check out this Youtube video, and her channel in general. I signed up for the 30 days of piano and found it quite useful. I think she had about 160 people sign up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8hk7kObKMs