Artiden’s Big Leap

Artiden's Big Leap

Thank you to all my amazing readers! We’ve hit the six-month mark and it’s been a great adventure, whether we’re holding contests or voting in polls.

I’ve got a few surprises for you!

The New Artiden: Music and More

After a great start with music tips centred around piano, Artiden is ready to take the leap!

Artiden will now feature a range of topics around a healthy, happy lifestyle that will still include music, plus a daily dose of inspiration. (You’ll be seeing a lot more of my own visual work and more frequent posts.)

New features include: regular Link Love posts, interviews, regular idea posts, guest posts, and more.

I’m super excited to introduce new features to connect and inspire!

It’s All About You

I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions! Artiden is about to take on a new direction and I can’t do it without you.

Also, I love getting comments– don’t be afraid to leave your two cents on Artiden’s posts!

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Buy Me a Drink

Running a growing blog like Artiden takes a lot of hard work and quite a bit of money every month.

You can help keep Artiden alive with a donation of any amount— your help is greatly appreciated!

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