Hanon & Music Practice Techniques (Artiden Music Hangout)

Hello! I hosted the first Artiden community hangout / Q&A and we had a blast! We chatted, played music, and I shared some of my favourite tips for memorizing and practicing technique.

Next month, I may try a different format so that we can get through everything we wanted to.

Send me your questions, or use #artiden on twitter or instagram or facebook if you want to send me a video of you asking the question!

Edit – Nov 1st 2018

The livestream video was deleted by accident. Next time, I’ll save a backup of the livestream. In any case, here are the topics that we covered during the September livestream:

  • How to use Hanon and play it correctly
  • Tips on learning a piece of music more quickly
  • How to get over fear of playing in front of others
  • Tricks for memorizing/fixing memory slips, Chunking – Piano Playing Hack
  • How to play fast runs – Blurring Technique
  • Memorizing hack – Closed Lid Technique
  • Played some music:
    a) Polanaise in C minor excerpt piano playing
    b) The First Noel piano playing
    c) Ronde de Jambes piano playing
    d) Joy to the World piano playing (just picked this up yesterday, played grand total of… twice before this)

I’m running another one next month, so keep your eyes peeled. I will also send out exclusive updates to people on the email list so enter your name and email here to join!

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