5 Summer Contemporary Piano Solos

Summer Contemporary Piano SolosSummer is more of a feeling than a time of year. No matter where you are, these 5 beautiful contemporary pieces will remind you of summer.

My definition of summer heat is now ten degrees hotter and more bustled than I’ve ever known–I’ve gotten the most humid welcome to Asia.

I encourage you to pick one up on the piano and share with a friend to catch the end of the summer. Like a sunset, with more character.


Summer – Joe Hisaishi

Sheet Music

Summer – Calvin Harris

Sheet Music

Although I shy away from conventional ‘pop’ music, this one is interesting.


The Last Rose of Summer – Mendelssohn

Sheet Music

A classic Mendelssohn piece, peaceful with dynamic moments.


Hummingbird – George Winston


Summertime – Gershwin

Sheet Music

A mysterious, jazzy piece with classic Gershwin leaps in the left hand. If you don’t play this properly, you might be able to blame it on the size of your hands.

Which pieces remind you of summer most? Leave a comment below. :)



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  • Reply Terese September 2, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    I love the piano pieces, my favorite one from today’s blog was “Summer”. I’m an older student (in my 50’s) and started piano lessons one year ago…it was a life-long dream to play the piano & read music – I’m having a blast! My favorite piece that I’ve learned to play is “The Entertainer” (level 1 version). It’s amazing & wonderful to me when beautiful music is produced as a result of my fingers playing the right keys :)
    I love your blog, thanks for sharing the gift of music. ♥

  • Reply Mike September 3, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Grace —

    I listened to all the pieces (except one) three or four times. I think:

    (1) Joe Hisaishi: I liked it; it’s really simple, but it SOUNDS like just like a summer day!

    (2) Calvin Harris: I liked this one too; it’s summerish, although not as much so as your first choice.

    (3) Mendelssohn: terrible. I made it through about half of this one. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a famous composer, and I can hear what he’s trying to do, but I thought that it just comes off as unreasonably showy. I’m sure that it has a great deal of appeal for many (and I’m fine with that) but… it just doesn’t do it for me.

    (4) Hummingbird: it doesn’t sound especially summery, but it is a really beautiful piece.

    (5) Gershwin: you know, I’ve never understood or liked Gershwin — and that includes this particular selection, which everyone has heard — but when I listened to it THIS time, I was amazed. This piece is absolutely beautiful! Every note is necessary, and the rendition is really fine. I listened to it five or six times, and now I wonder if I listened to Gershwin when I was too young — maybe you need to be a certain age? I think I’ll try him again.

    By the way, are you “Miles” in Vancouver and “Lam” in Hong Kong? :)

    Mike ;)

    • Reply Grace Lam September 3, 2015 at 6:37 pm

      Mike, I’m seeing your impression of summer, through your commentary. It’s so interesting.

      Gershwin is a funny guy; while some of his works are more dissonant than others, you’ll need big hands to play all of them. I kind of cheated, once, by performing selections from his Preludes that didn’t require more than a 9th reach in one hand.


      P.S. I’m “Lam” now. That’s a great point, but no, it’s not that interesting– people get too confused when it’s “Miles,” so this way it just clicks.

  • Reply Odunayo September 5, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Odunayo Ojomo

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