Red Leaf Piano Book Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Edit: Here’s one email I got…

Giveaway Winner: Leo Baran

I received Seascape a couple of weeks ago and I love it! The four pieces are difficult enough to challenge me quite a bit and are really, really pretty. They also all use the same kind of playing style (big arpeggios in the left hand and a complex melody in the right hand) that I love. I have sight read the four pieces a couple of times now and I’ll hopefully memorize one soon (I like The Mermaid the best :D). Also, I have attached a picture of myself and Seascape! Thanks again.

-Leo Baran

Without further ado, here are the giveaway winners! Congratulations to these five lucky readers!

Redleaf Giveaway Winners

You’ll be receiving an email with further instructions to claim your prize.

Five separate draws were held for each of the composers using a random number generator.

Didn’t win a piano book? No problem.

These composers will give you any one of their piano books for free when you buy two piano books from them*:

Alternatively, you can order from Red Leaf Piano Works.

All you have to do is enter the title of your free book in the Buyer’s Instructions when you check out. (Read quick reviews of piano books from Red Leaf.)

Offer open to all Artiden readers until June 30th 2012.

*Note: Number of free books equals half the number of books you purchase (as long as you purchase more than one book).

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